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Amorphophallus maximus (Engl.) N.E. Br.


Geographic distribution: Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Somalia.

These are pictures of a very small plant that miraculously has survived severe dehydration. Two other tubers, also dehydrated, have not woken up after 14 months in soil, but still appear alive and turgid.

A. maximus definitely does not like cool temperatures. Left overnight when temperatures dropped under 60 F, it was a rather unhappy customer the next morning, with the petiole bowing down to the ground, as if wilted. Brought indoors, it perked up by the end of the day.

Aphids and spider mites leave this one alone.

Top view of the leaf, about 8 inches across.
Most unusual among amorphophallii, a seriously hairy petiole. Only young specimens of A. maximus exhibit this.

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