Epipremnum robinsonii
K. Krause, Notizbl. Königl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 5 (1922) 266. -- Type: Philippines, Polillo Island, Aug. 1909, Robinson BS 9181 (PNH†, duplicates searched for and not found).

Distribution - Philippines.

Note - With no surviving type found and no traceable authentic material, the identity of Krause’s E. robinsonii is unresolved. The leaves are described as regularly pinnatifid. This agrees with four Philippine aroids, viz. Amydrium medium, A. magnificum, Epipremnum pinnatum and Rhaphidophora korthalsii. Primary venation is said to be parallel with numerous interprimary veins parallel to the first order venation (‘multis nervis lateralibus II primariis parallelis’). This effectively removes Amydrium from the argument; see above discussion under E. pinnatum. The inflorescence described is a substantial structure (‘Pedunculus.... circ. 8 cm longus.... Spadix.... circ. 11 cm longus, 1.8 cm crassus) and, coupled with the description of the stigma (stigmate lineari-oblongo) and colour notes (Spatha extus viridis intus flavescens. Spadix viridis) fits E. pinnatum better than R. korthalsii.