An account of native and introduced Epipremnum species in west and central Malesia is presented as a precursor to the forthcoming Flora Malesiana Araceae treatment. Seven species and one cultivar, none new, are recognized. Epipremnum grandifolium is returned to Scindapsus, the genus in which it was originally described and Scindapsus dilaceratus (syns Monstera dilacerata, Rhaphidophora dilacerata, Tornelia dilacerata) a long-overlooked synonym of E. pinnatum, is discussed. Related genera and identification pit-falls are highlighted. Dichotomous keys to the genera of tribes Anadendreae and Monstereae and to west and central Malesian Epipremnum species, a multi-access key to Epipremnum species in west and central Malesia and a geographical species-finder list are provided. All names in the review area are accounted for. Five species are illustrated.