The Genus Arisaema

Originally compiled by G.R. Stilwell, Jr., Guy Gusman & Eric Walton in 1999 at /genera/arisaema/herold/Pages/arlist.html

Revised and annotated in January 2003 by Wilbert Hetterscheid

To date there is no full scale taxonomic revision available of the genus Arisaema . Important contributions to the taxonomy of Arisaema have been published by Engler (1920 in Das Pflanzenreich), Chaterjee (1954[1955], Indian and Burmese species), Hara (1971, eastern Himalayan species), Li Heng (1979, in Flora of China; in Chinese but currently being translated to an English version), Ohashi & Murata (1980, Japanese species), Murata (1984, infrageneric classification), Ko & Kim (1985, Korean species), Mayo & Gilbert (1986, Tropical African and Arabian species), Murata (1990, general systematics of the genus), Wang (1996, Taiwanese species), Pradhan (1997, [2nd ed.], Himalayan species and horticulture), Gusman & Gusman 2006 (2nd ed. of a full scale review of the genus with an horticultural angle).

The above mentioned literature is far from uniform in voiced opinions on the taxonomy of Arisaema . Different taxonomic cultures sometimes clash and personal views permeate that are not always backed up by professional taxonomic analysis. But this is the dynamics in which the taxonomy of Arisaema is involved these days and that is exciting. Special attention is to be paid to the names of the Japanese species, that seem to be changing forever. In the most recent checklist (Govaerts & Frodin, 2002) for instance, the species A. japonicum and A. serratum are again separated just as we were getting used to the merger of the two under the name A. serratum . Furthermore such widely accepted species as A. sazensoo and A. engleri are synonymised under a broad concept of A. sikokianum , obviously following the latest Japanese and Chinese "rumours" to that effect. However the latter opinion is not followed here. Neither is e.g. the separation of A. peninsulae from A. angustatum . Therefore the species list below is nothing more than another frozen moment in time of these dynamics. The list leans partly on the recently published Araceae checklist and bibliography by Govaerts & Frodin mentioned above, wherein Arisaema names were reviewed by Jin Murata and Nguyen Van Du, so that makes for some reliability. However, as stated above, some ideas seem to be unsound and I have not hesitated to follow Gusman & Gusman in several of these contentious issues as these authors treat such species on the basis of lots of gathered data from plants in cultivation. Then there are several recent publications bu Li heng and co-workers on Chinese species. It is a pity that these recent publications vary wildly on many matters of Arisaema taxonomy. A better international cooperation for an acceptable taxonomy of Arisaema is badly needed before other monographs appear. We all should be aware that presently DNA studies are done on Arisaema and who knows what Pandora's Box will now be opened.....I can't wait..........

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  Selected Arisaema Species


Arisaema amurense Maxim

Arisaema anomalum Hemsley

Arisaema asperatum N.E. Brown

Arisaema auriculatum Buchet

Arisaema balansae Engl.

Arisaema barbatum Buchet

Arisaema barnesii C.E.C. Fisch.

Arisaema bathycoleum Hand.-Mazz.

Arisaema bottae Schott

Arisaema calcareum H. Li

Arisaema candidissimum W. Smith

Arisaema ciliatum H. Li

Arisaema concinnum Schott & cf. concinnum

Arisaema consanguineum (L.) Schott

Arisaema cordatum N.E. Brown

Arisaema costatum (Wallich) Mart.

Arisaema dahaiense H. Li

Arisaema dilatatum Buchet

Arisaema dracontium (L.) Schott

Arisaema elephas Buchet

Arisaema engleri Pampan.

Arisaema erubescens (Wall.) Schott

Arisaema fargesii Buchet

Arisaema filiforme Blume Thwaites

Arisaema fimbriatum Masters

Arisaema flavum Schott

Arisaema formosanum (Hayata) Hayata

Arisaema franchetianum Engl.

Arisaema galeatum N.E. Brown

Arisaema ghaticum Punekar & Kumaran

Arisaema grapsospadix Hayata

Arisaema griffithii Schott

Arisaema heterocephalum Koidz.

Arisaema heterophyllum Blume

Arisaema iyoanum (Kitag. & Ohba) H. Ohashi & J. Murata

Arisaema jinshajiangense H. Li

Arisaema kerrii Craib

Arisaema kishidae Makino ex Nakai

Arisaema kiushianum Makino

Arisaema laminatum Blume

Arisaema leschenaultii Bl.

Arisaema limbatum (Nakai & F. Maek.) Serizawa

Arisaema lobatum Engl.

Arisaema macrospathum Benth.

Arisaema maxwellii

Arisaema muratae J.T. Yin & G. Gusman

Arisaema murrayi (J. Graham) Hook.

Arisaema neglectum Schott

Arisaema nepenthoides (Wallich) Martius in Schott

Arisaema omkoiense Gusm.

Arisaema ostiolatum Hara

Arisaema pachystachyum Hett. & G. Gusman

Arisaema penicillatum N.E. Br.

Arisaema peninsulae Nakai

Arisaema petelotii K. Krause

Arisaema polyphyllum (Blanco) Merr.

Arisaema prazeri Hook f.

Arisaema putii Gagn.

Arisaema ramulosum Alderw.

Arisaema rhizomatum C.E.C. Fisher

Arisaema ringens (Thunb.) Schott

Arisaema rostratum V.D.Nguyen & P.C.Boyce

Arisaema roxburghii Kunth

Arisaema sahyadricum S.R. Yadav, K.S. Patil & Bachulkar

Arisaema sarracenioides E. Barnes & C.E.C. Fisch.

Arisaema saxatile Buchet

Arisaema sazensoo (Blume) Makino

Arisaema scortechinii Hook. f.

Arisaema serratum (Thunb.) Schott

Arisaema shimienense H. Li

Arisaema siamicum Gagnep.

Arisaema sikokianum Franchet & Sav.

Arisaema silvestrii Pamp.

Arisaema speciosum (Wall) Martius in Schott

Arisaema sukotaiense Gagn.

Arisaema taiwanense Murata

Arisaema tashiroi Kitam.

Arisaema ternatipartitum Makino

Arisaema thunbergii Blume

Arisaema tortuosum (Wall.) Schott

Arisaema tosaense Makino

Arisaema triphyllum (L.)Schott

Arisaema umbrinum Ridley

Arisaema utile Hook. f. ex Schott

Arisaema victoriae Nguyen V.D.

Arisaema wardii Marquand et Airy Shaw

Arisaema wattii Hook f

Arisaema yunnanense Buchet

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