Here you can access IAS Newsletters, as well as many other online documents available only to members of the International Aroid Society. Many of these documents will be in Adobe PDF format. Get Acrobat Reader Now!

Dr. Scott Mori's lecture at the 2010 Show and Sale
Click above the a 3MB PDF file of Dr. Mori's Slides.
NEW! Works of Engler related to Araceae
Click above for searchable PDF files of Engler's work on the Araceae.
( total of about 250MB in German and Latin )
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Newsletters by Volume Number, Issue, and Date

Newsletter backissues are available here along with an abridged index.

Membership Directory

The online membership directory is available here to IAS members only.

Aglaonema Growers' Notebook
by Dr. Roy N. Jervis

This fascinating book is considered by many to be a classic reference on Aglaonema.

Notes on Caladium and its Allies

Paper by Mike Madison.

Revision of Monstera

Paper by Mike Madison.

The Species of Anthurium with Palmately Divided Leaves

Paper by Mike Madison.

Slides from the 10th Aroid Conference

Members may download the slides from the presentations at the 10th Aroid Conference in Nancy, France in July 2009.

Marc Gibernau's 2008 Presentation

Members may download the slides from Marc Gibernau's feature presentation on Aroid Pollination at the 2008 Show & Sale.

Thomas B. Croat's 2009 Presentation

Members may download the slides from Tom Croat's feature presentation on the Phytogeography of Ecuadorean Araceae at the 2009 Show & Sale.

Aroideae Maximilianae

Members may view both the publically available introduction and the entire work.

Botanical Prints

A selection of botanical prints of Aroids from Curtis's Botanical Magazine is available to members here.

Aroid-L Gleanings

Categorized excerpts from Aroid-L discussions are available to members here.