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Thomas B. Croat, Carla V. Kostelac Karl Koch's career with Araceae and his connection with America: Family photo of Karl Koch found with relative in St. Louis (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: The German Karl Heinrich Emil Koch was born 6 June 1809, near Weimar in the Duchy of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenbach, and died 25 May 1879. He studied medicine and natural sciences in Jena and in Wurzburg. According to a memoir written by Koch's wife, Therese Koch (T. Danzer, pers. comm.), Karl Koch was befriended by the writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as a young boy, and Goethe encouraged his plant studies. Koch had broad interests including zoology, geology and geography, anthropology, archeology and history but his main interest was with botany, especially horticulture, dendrology and the origin of fruit trees (Edmundson & Lack, 1977).
Thomas B. Croat, David Wolfersberger, Carla V. Kostelac New species of Araceae from Western Ecuador (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Nine new species of Anthurium (Araceae) are described and illustrated: Anthurium alluriquinense Croat, A. fosteri Croat, A. iltisii Croat, A. lojtnantii Croat, A. pescadilloense Croat, A. pucayacuense Croat, A. samamaense Croat, A. sebastianense Croat and A. ventanasense.
Thomas B. Croat, X. Delannay, Carla V. Kostelac New species of Araceae from Ecuadorian Amazonia (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Six new species of Araceae from the Amazon basin in Ecuador are described as new to science, Anthurium chacoense Croat, A. cuyabenoense Croat, A. dolichocnemum Croat, A. effusispathum Croat, A. ionanthum Croat and A. longiusculus Croat.
Thomas B. Croat, L. Brossart, Carla V. Kostelac A revision of the 3-segmented species of Anthurium Sect. Dactylophyllium (Araceae) (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Anthurium sect. Dactylophyllium have leaf blades palmately divided into segments divided to the base and and may have 0-) 3-15 segments. Those species with 3 or fewer segments are revised here and a key is provided. Anthurium arisaemoides, A. cutucuense, A. huacamayoense, A. moonenii, A. thrinax, A. triphyllum, A. trisectum, A. warintsense and A. zuloagae.
A. Haigh, L. Lay, S. J. Mayo, L. Reynolds, M. Sellaro, Josef Bogner, Peter C. Boyce, Thomas B. Croat, Michael H. Grayum, R. Keating, Carla V. Kostelac, Alistair Hay, Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid, M. Marcela Mora A new website for Araceae taxonomy on (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: The development and current progress of the Cate-Araceae website is described and its relation to the aroid community discussed in the context of rapidly developing initiatives to migrate traditional descriptive taxonomy onto the internet (ETaxonomy).
Thomas B. Croat, Pu Huang, J. Lake, Carla V. Kostelac Araceae of the flora of Reserva La Planada, Nariño Department, Colombia (Part 1) (Buy Back Issue)
Thomas B. Croat, Pu Huang, J. Lake, Carla V. Kostelac Araceae of the Flora of La Planada, Narino Department, Colombia (Part 2) (Buy Back Issue)
Thomas B. Croat, Lille Marleen Calderon, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Ecuador (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Three species of Anthurium (Araceae) are described as new to science; Anthurium boosianum Croat, A. genferryae Croat and A. marleenianum Croat.
Thomas B. Croat, Keith Lee, Whitney Wodstrchill, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from South America (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Eleven new species of Anthurium (Araceae) are described as new: Anthurium apiaense Croat, A. aylwardianum Croat, A. benktsparrei Croat, A. bicordoense Croat, A. diversicaudex Croat, A. mapiriense Croat, A. molaui Croat, A. porcesitoense Croat, A. punkuyocense Croat, A. riojaense Croat, and A. straminopetiolum Croat. All are members of section Cardiolonchium, except two of the species, A. bicordoense and A. porcesitoense, which are members of section Xialophyllum. Five of the new species are from Peru but A. apiaense, A. bicordoense and A. porcesitoense are from Colombia and A. benktsparrei, A. diversicaudex and A. molaui from Ecuador.
Thomas B. Croat, James J. Grib, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Philodendron (Araceae) in the Guianas (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Three new species of Philodendron (Araceae) are described and illustrated from the Guianas including, P. ayangannense Croat and P. kaieteurense Croat that are from Guyana and P. pokigronense Croat that is from Suriname.
Thomas B. Croat, Noel Altamirano, Ann Grace, Carla V. Kostelac New species of Araceae from the South American Andes (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Four new species are described as new to science: Anthurium mateoi Croat & Altamirano, A. monteagudoi Croat & Altamirano, A. rodvasquezii Croat and A. valenzuelae Croat & Altamirano (Cuzco Department, Peru).
Thomas B. Croat, E. J. Deal, Nicholas Russell, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Central America (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: A total number of 18 new species of Anthurium section Calomystrium are described as new to science: Anthurium alturaense Croat, A. breviapiculum Croat, A. cascajalense Croat, A. churchilleorum Croat, A. deminutum Croat, A. granulineare Croat, A. guanghuae Croat, A. haltonii Croat, A. henryi Croat, A. horridum Croat, A. ingramii Croat, A. kareniae Croat, A. laminense Croat, A. lilafructum Croat, A. luteospathum Croat, A. penonomense Croat, A. roubikii Croat, and A. suethompsoniae Croat.
Thomas B. Croat, Ann Grace, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Andean Western South America (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Eleven new species of Anthurium are described and illustrated: Anthurium aromoense Croat (sect. Digitinervium), A. banderasense Croat (sect. Pachyneurium), A. becerrae Croat (sect. Pachyneurium), A. betsyae Croat (sect. Porphyrochitonium), A. donovaniae Croat (sect. Digitinervium), A. imazaense Croat (sect. Pachyneurium), A. magrewii Croat (sect. Pachyneurium), A. paloraense Croat (sect. Pachyneurium), A. quinonesiae Croat (sect. Porphyrochitonium), A. riocojimiesense Croat (sect. Tetraspermium), and A. trujilloi Croat (sect. Pachyneurium). The species are from a broad area of the Andean South America from Colombia to Peru but six of the species: Anthurium aromoense, A. banderasense, A. donovaniae, A. magrewii, A. paloraense and A. riocojimiesense are from Ecuador, while A. becerrae, A. betsyae and A. imazaense are from Peru and A. quinonesiae, and A. trujilloi are from Colombia.
Thomas B. Croat, James J. Grib, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Philodendron (Araceae) from South America (Read)
 ABSTRACT: Nineteen new species of Philodendron subgenus Philodendron are described and illustrated: P. alonsoae Croat, P. atratum Croat, P. attenuatum Croat, P. caracaraiense Croat, P. caranoense Croat, E. Trujillo & M. Correa, P. davidneillii Croat, P. edwinii Croat & M. Correa, P. genevieveanum Croat, P. grahamii Croat, P. gribianum Croat, P. macarenense Croat, P. marcocorreanum Croat, M. Mora & E. Trujillo, P. linganii Croat, P. meieri Croat, P. pseudoverrucosum Croat, P. ricaurtense Croat, P. sanmarcoense Croat, P. schmidtiae Croat and P. werneri Croat. The new species occur in areas throughout the continent of South America with one species from Brazil, seven from Colombia, three from Ecuador (one of which is likely eventually to be found in Peru, while another may be found to occur in Colombia), five from Peru (one of which might be found in Ecuador), one species ranges from Colombia to Ecuador, three range from Ecuador to Peru and one from Venezuela.
Thomas B. Croat, Ben Friedenberg, Carla V. Kostelac New Species of Philodendron (Araceae) from South America (Read)
 ABSTRACT: Nine species of Philodendron (Araceae) are described as new: Philodendron alanbrantii Croat, P. arbelaezii Croat, P. bayae Croat, P. bernardoi Croat, P. bomboizoense Croat, P. brantii Croat, P. camarae Croat, P. candamoense Croat and P. fosteri Croat.
Thomas B. Croat, Mackenzie Hempe, Carla V. Kostelac Araceae of Parque Nacional Natural de Las Orquídeas, Colombia (Read)
 ABSTRACT: A total of 16 new species of Anthurium are described as new to science: Anthurium abajoense Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. alcogolloi Croat, A. blanquitense Croat, A. curtipendunculum Croat, A. dabeibaense Croat, A. elquincense Croat, A. espiranzaense Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. frontinoense Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. hempeanum Croat, A. juanguillermoi Croat, A. ovidioi Croat, A. pedrazae Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. paloense Croat, A. sneidernii Croat, A. tortuosum Croat, and A. triangulopetiolum Croat.
Thomas B. Croat, X. Delannay, Sloan Duncan, Carla V. Kostelac Revision of Philodendron from the Lita-San Lorenzo Region (Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador) (Buy Back Issue)
 ABSTRACT: This paper describes seventy-four species of Philodendron from NW Ecuador, largely from Esmeraldas Province. Twenty-eight species are new to science: Philodendron alatisulcatum Croat, P. alatiundulatum Croat, P. angosturense Croat, P. anthracyne Croat, P. bethoweniae Croat, P. bonifaziae Croat, P. curvipetiolatum Croat, P. delannayi Croat, P. delgadoi Croat & Delannay, P. ellipticum Croat, P. esmeraldense Croat, P. fibraecataphyllum M. M. Mora & Croat, P. gardeniodorum Croat, D. P. Hannon & Delannay, P. hannoniae Croat, P. jimenae Croat, P. luteonervium Croat, P. lynnhannoniae Croat, P. magnum Croat, P. mansellii Croat, P. melanoneuron Croat, P. melanum Croat, P. mentiens Croat & Delannay, P. ovatoluteum Croat, P. pambilarense Croat, P. parvidactylum Croat, P. profundisulcatum Croat, P. quelalii Croat & T. Mines, P. rugapetiolatum Croat and P. sharoniae Croat. In addition to these twenty-eight new species, nine additional unpublished species (all sterile and therefore not published here as new) are also described. One more species included here, P. fibraecataphyllum M. M. Mora & Croat, is in press in another journal. All species are described in detail and illustrated and an identification key is provided.