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  Jack in the Pulpit
From: schwartzl at juno.com (Linda M Schwartz) on 1997.02.03 at 14:37:22(289)
I am looking from some specific info that perhaps some expert gardener
can answer. I am writing a paper on the ecology of the
From: grsjr at juno.com (George R Stilwell, Jr.) on 1997.02.04 at 00:40:10(294)

Here are the original sources:

Richardson, C. & K. Clay 1995. The evolution and maintenance of sex
change in Arisaema triphyllum.
Am. J. of Botany, Supplement 82(6):55.

Wurdack, John J. 1983. Sex and Size in Arisaema. Bulletin of the American
Rock Garden Society. 41(1):9-10.

Bierzychudek, Paulette. 1981. The demography of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, a
forest perennial that changes sex. PhD thesis.
Cornell Univ. 145 pages.

I don't have a record of other papers on the subject, but these papers
probably have bibliographies.

It is well understood that Arisaema starts it's sex life neuter, becomes
male in the second season, turns female in a couple of years if growing
conditions are good. Poor conditions will cause it to revert to male and
even stay dormant for a whole season, worst case. Inadequate moisture is
probably the principal problem. Hopefully the references will expound
upon the subject.

From: "Marge Talt" <mtalt at clark.net> on 1997.02.04 at 04:03:36(297)
Hi Linda,

I don't know the specific answer to your question, however, I am certain
that members of the Aroid-L mailing list would. I can either forward this
to that list (I'm new on it and basically lurk - I think it is a monitored
list - nice people) below are instructions on how to join the list so you
can post your question yourself, if you'd like. If you are interested in
Arisaema, you really should join the list. There are also some aroid pages
on the web. The URL for the International Aroid Society is:


From: "Marge Talt" <mtalt at clark.net> on 1997.02.04 at 15:46:23(299)
Apologies to this list. My face is red. Thought I was replying to a post
on another list and sending a private response! Nice way to de-lurk, if I
do say so :-(

Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland

From: SHoltz1036 at aol.com on 1997.02.05 at 13:32:45(304)
Dear Linda,
A man by the name of Keith Clay did a couple of papers on flower size in A.
draconitum; I know that this is not the species that you are writing the
paper on, but it may help and you can reference them. All I can tell you
(and this is from scant memory) is that Keith Clay was a professor at Indiana
University as of a couple of years ago; he has written at least one paper on
A. draconitum flower size; I can't remember the journal (the only reason I
remember this much is because I did an undergraduate teaching internship
under him a couple of years ago and recognised the name). However, you can
reference his name in a scientific journal index; as a matter of fact, a
scientific journal index search would be well worth your while if you can get
to a university with a biology department.
Lots of luck -

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