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  Philodendron Burle Marx
From: Don Burns donburns at macconnect.com> on 2000.06.01 at 00:12:50(4659)
Over the past 24 months I have been nursing a short leafless stem, about 4
cm, of Philodendron Burle Mark. During that time it has neither grown, nor
produced a leaf. But it has stayed alive and remained a very deep green
color. Suddenly in the past 6 weeks it has started growing at a phenomenal
pace, and it is now about 20 cm long with five or six new leaves.

Is anyone familiar with the right culture for this plant? Is there a photo
somewhere on the web or in the literature? I have been unsuccessful in
finding the plant in any of my literature.


From: Neil Crafter golfstra at senet.com.au> on 2000.06.01 at 00:54:57(4661)
There are two Philodendrons with a name referring to Roberto Burle-Marx.
The first is P.burle-marxii and the second is P.cv "Burle-Marx's Fantasy". Its
hard to know which one you have from your description. I'm pretty sure both of
these are listed in "Exotica", but I'm at work and my copy is at home! I have
a very small piece of "Fantasy" I received from Michael Pascall at the
Whyanbeel Arboretum in Queensland - he may be able to give a description of
the mature plant. Given the veining pattern I have seen on the leaves of my
small plant I am not 100% convinced that it is a Philo, but that remains to be
seen. Any comments out there? As for the other, my recollection is that it has
a strap shaped leaf and quite spaced internodes. Hopefully other people can
post further on this. I'll try and see if I have any references in my
literature at home.

From: hermine hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2000.06.01 at 02:54:52(4665)
> As for the other, my recollection is that it has
>a strap shaped leaf and quite spaced internodes. Hopefully other people can
>post further on this. I'll try and see if I have any references in my
>literature at home.
From: plantnut at macconnect.com (plantnut) on 2000.06.01 at 02:55:17(4667)
Neil is correct on the two Philos.... Both are pictured in black and white
in Exotica.... the largest P. "Burle-Marx's Fantasy" that I have ever seen
was growing at a now out of business nursery in Miami... Called "Fantastic
Gardens" It was being grown by Bobby Mentalous.... Each leaf was about
four inches wide and about ten inches long... and very short
internodes.... Growing in a very small, humid and very warm green house.

I too, have large problems with this plant... just will not grow for me
under my conditions. I might suspect that a very humid warm area with very
little air circulation might do the trick.... I can't do that with my

From: alan san juan kalim at erols.com> on 2000.06.01 at 04:09:46(4670)
Interesting. I am always amazed at the ability of some aroids to
withstand prolonged periods without roots or leaves. I have a ~ 10 cm
piece with 2 leaves (1 completely open, the other unfurled) and
absolutely no roots. I had first placed it in water, but when no roots
came up, stuck it in perlite. IT has remained there for 2 months now,
seemingly with no problems. Transpiration must be removing water from it
at a rapid rate through the leaves, and yet it remains ok.....an
evolutionary adaptation to severe conditions in its role as a climber?
who knows?

From: EGoldfluss at aol.com on 2000.06.01 at 23:58:34(4673)
Dear Don:
Re: Philodendron Burle-Marx' Fantasy

While I have not grown this plant is some years at one time I had several
flats going.

From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 2000.06.02 at 03:35:21(4674)
Is this the Ed from Louisville from many years ago? If it is, what is up with


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