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  Alvim Seidel
From: Eduardo Gomes Goncalves <eggon at guarany.cpd.unb.br> on 1997.02.28 at 16:08:51(443)
Dear Aroiders,

I'm back from my field trip and I have tried to contact someone from the
nursery of Alvim Seidel as was asked by Neil Crafter. For the last three
days I have tried to call them on the phone and nobody answered. I'll try
again tomorrow, but I'm affraid they aren't on the business anymore.
Nowadays, is somewhat hard to export Brazilian plants for profit, because
our dept. of Conservation (IBAMA) has imposed lots of conditions limiting
it. Whatever happened, I'll keep all of you that are interested on
Brazilian Philos aware.

Best Regards,


From: Eduardo Gomes Goncalves <eggon at guarany.cpd.unb.br> on 1997.02.28 at 20:01:10(445)
On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Tim Williams Ext. 5529 wrote:

> Ed.

From: golfstra at cyvox.net.au on 1997.03.07 at 15:10:43(471)
Dear Eduardo et al

Hooray at last! I have finally received a reply from Alvim Seidel via
snail mail ! They did receive my fax but curiously decided to mail me a
reply rather than fax me. Anyway they have advised that they will sell
us smaller seed quantities ( approx. 100 seeds ) for 30% of the 1000 seed
price. They did not send an updated list so perhaps it hasnt changed from
1991.I plan to post the list onto Aroid-L in the next day or so together
with prices. I understand Todd Ruth has volunteered to be the US link
man. Is that still OK Todd ? Todd I will email you direct the list of
names and email addresses of those who have registered interest in being
in the seed order, then you can take it from there.

Thanks again to Eduardo for his perserverence in chasing up Alvim Seidel
for those of us participating in the seed order

Regards Neil

From: Todd Ruth <truth at weber.ucsd.edu> on 1998.07.24 at 18:17:06(2509)
I received queries regarding Alvim Seidel, so unless it is against
the list policy (in which case I assume this message will get
bounced back to me before even making it to the list), I'll just
post the info. to aroid-l. I'll repeat that last year we didn't
have great success with germination and had trouble getting the
order placed at all due to some medical problems with the father,
Alvim (hopefully resolved for the better). Here's some info
from the catalog... (I won't attempt to correct errors, although I
will attempt to avoid introducing additional errors.)

Alvim Seidel

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 1999.02.11 at 14:47:53(3024)
does anyone know alvim seidel's email address? thanks.

tsuh yang chen, nyc

From: David Scherberich <earmag at cybercable.tm.fr> on 1999.02.12 at 00:42:03(3026)
Here is Alvim Seidel's site address, from there you can find his email


From: lgott at ibm.net on 1999.02.12 at 00:49:40(3027)
The email address is seidel@netuno.com.br
They also have a web site at http://www.netuno.com.br/seidel/

From: pugturd at alltel.net (Brian Williams) on 2007.11.29 at 00:04:51(16760)
I have been contacted by Alvim Seidel nursery in Brazil. I sent a
request for a seed list of their aroids and recieved a list very similar
if not identical to what I have seen in years past. After sometime they
sent a reply and said they will now show photos of their mother plants
were the seeds are coming from so people know better what to expect from
their seeds. I know many of them were not what they were said to be in
years past but I was suprized by some of the things I did get. I did get
a few new species and Angra dos Reis was wrongly IDed but it did show up
under another name so did crassinervum which seemed to have some
different forms once grown out from seed which was a interesting and
nice surpize. So far they have sent me pictures of the following plants.
I will ask permission to add them to the list so they can be better
IDed. Thought some of you maybe interested.


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