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  titanum blooms
From: Douglas Ewing dewing at u.washington.edu> on 2001.05.08 at 04:59:29(6384)
Today at 4pm our second Amorphophallus titanum has started opening. Ht. is
5'4" ( 163cm ). already 7pm, the spathe is widely open, and the stench is
building in the room. I am doing a much lower-key media announcement this
go-around, but am open for visitors the next several days. This one is
much more open, and has more striking coloration. Will try to keep you
posted. Doug

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.05.08 at 15:32:40(6385)
Dear Doug,

Congrats!!!!!!! Just an Idea, but why don`t you try to link up w/ Craig
at Fairchild, you could collect pollen (he could advise on freezing or
cooling it, etc.) and get it to Craig and MAYBE we could get
pollenation/seed on his 'Mr. Stinky'!! Is this the second of THIS year??
If it is and you had kept pollen from the first, you could try pollenating
this second one!!



From: "brian williams" pugturd50 at hotmail.com> on 2001.05.08 at 16:07:54(6387)
Doug! any chance you and Craig allen could try sending each other pollen? I
am sure most people would be intersted in more of these. THANKS
From: magrysbo at shu.edu on 2001.05.09 at 00:19:04(6391)
When are you going to make hybrids?

"brian williams" @mobot.org on 05/08/2001 12:08:43

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2001.05.09 at 02:22:56(6393)
In a message dated 5/8/2001 8:19:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
magrysbo@shu.edu writes:

When are you going to make hybrids?

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.09 at 15:46:21(6402)
Please, Chen San!

You wake me to another nightmare and I
rush to my last remaining Spath to check not already ravished by the dreaded
monstrositiesAmorphs! Spaths will be Spathamorphus over my corpse
flower! Stop! I'll have another turn if I think about it more
'fore Kelloggs!

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2001.05.09 at 15:55:17(6406)
Could somebody silence this freaked out hybridist, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord P(reservation of original genotypes)

----- Original Message -----

From: Douglas Ewing dewing at u.washington.edu> on 2001.05.10 at 02:31:30(6408)
Julius, this is our second tuber to bloom. the first one was in July 1999.
I plan to send pollen to Fairchild with the hope it might produce seed
there. I will also refrigerate some for the future?????

thanks, Doug

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2001.05.10 at 15:05:06(6409)
Dear Doug,

Thanks for letting us know---congrats on the present AND the past flowering
of this wonderful marvel of nature!
Good luck on the pollen collection and getting it to Fairchild on time, you
may want to link up w/ Craig on this!!



From: magrysbo at shu.edu on 2001.05.11 at 20:53:42(6428)
How 'bout making some hybrids?
- the Mad Hybridist, maker of nightmares.

Douglas Ewing @mobot.org on 05/09/2001 10:32:19 PM

Please respond to aroid-l@mobot.org

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From: magrysbo at shu.edu on 2001.05.14 at 20:04:22(6441)
Is it related? Cute thing, but why?
Other Amorph. species may throw some vigor into titanum, also, imagine its
huge bloom on a taller stalk (x gigas) or a larger version of paeonifolius!

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.17 at 15:36:20(6489)
Dear Fellow Highest Primate, Douglas,

Don't worry about the weird purists, we aren't mad because we prefer
hybridising! Be patient a little longer. The current obsession with the
inferior nasty things in the wild will soon die. Modern horticulture with
squeaky clean wall to wall tissue culture will make things easier for us in
the west. No CITES or Lacey problems any more. Hybridisation and computer
planned parenthood will soon make
the inferior rightly extinct forever. So Aroiders, (frozen pollen and hot
spadixes!), chill out, don't be Party poopers. After all, we are in the
Era of the wisest Ape ever. We've got to have better flowers to celebrate
the wake for the nasty old wild we never really cared about anyway. Got
any brilliant writing for the Newsletter about your private Eugenic work? I
noticed that you haven't yet offered any new hybrids to the Spath Control
Centre? Could you? Not dull species thanks, they have no future now

See you at the Wake!


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