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  IAS Newsletters 2001
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.24 at 03:21:01(6548)
Dear Friends,

It was only YESTERDAY that I was made aware that there has been NO
Newsletter since September 2000...NO Newsletter in 2001! Members could
ONLY use PUBLIC Aroid-L to relate to the IAS!. So, apart from "Aroideana"
(which without a "balancing" Newsletter might appear to be a little too
"Scientific"...?), you had no Special Place for our Whole Group? Members
did not get two of the QUARTERLY Newletters. But, the picture and possible
destinations are clearer now. And so, IAS Friends, you may have been
frustrated, angry, disappointed, whatever, but you still remained tolerant
and tried to be understanding and so a big thank you. Your kind forbearance
must and will be reciprocated by care and prompt remedies in future.

I got the "held" material for the Newsletter about two weeks ago. I was
receiving more new material until yesterday. Most of the new was being
saved for the second Newsletter. However now I realise that this is your
FIRST 2001 IAS Post, I will put all which is still topical, plus new
material into a less small Issue. In unseemly haste I had already done my
Editorial and major Edits and some layout by Monday ... The pages were set
to be sent over Wednesday/Thursday night to dear Tricia in Pittsburgh for
printing and then posting ASAP.

Your FIRST 2001 Issue has now to be adapted sensitively to the newly emerged
picture. Jurisdiction has been delayed for a few more days to obtain wiser
judgment. The Editorial will then relate more aptly to the "missed"
newletter scenario. A few details of the older "held" material will be made
more topical. I received the Contents Listing for the next Aroideana last
night. (Please can anyone email me NOTICE DETAILS for the September Event
KNOW BY RETURN EMAIL...If you want me to design my own POSTAGE STAMP for the
US Postal Service, brace yourself, otherwise, somebody email me the back
page you used for free mailing with licence number.... please.

The first 2001 Newsletter will be "June". For "Letters to the Editor" for
the Second 2001 Issue, please email me personally or if it is for earlier
consensus, or good publicity for IAS, through Aroid L Incidentally new
member Carol Bonner has thoughtfully suggested reciprocal advertisements of
her Society and IAS in our respective newsletters. Extended Publicity. I
said "yes" obviously but her first notice would be in our second Newletter

From: Scott Hyndman hyndman at aroid.org> on 2001.05.24 at 05:22:27(6550)
Dear Ron,

WELL DONE!!! And welcome to you too as a new member of the IAS, and for the
fantastic potential and future that you have in store for all of us! You
have no idea how excited and happy that so many of us are to have someone of
your caliber being our Newsletter Editor. You are the shot in the arm that
this society has needed for a good long time. Please do continue to let us
all know how we can help you.

Best regards, Scott

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2001.05.24 at 14:23:30(6551)
As I wrote, you are all so kind, WONDERFULLY so. But.....I have yet to earn
the optimistic accolade you give, else I'll get the Bronx Cheer and
optimisim will collapse like a deflated disgruntled balloon. Succeed or
Fail, I WILL do my humble best! You write very eloquently but too much,
too much.

From: magrysbo at shu.edu on 2001.05.24 at 22:56:57(6556)
Can you SMOKE Spathiphyllums?

"Ron Iles" @mobot.org on 05/24/2001 10:23:41 AM

Please respond to aroid-l@mobot.org

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From: "patricia frank" tricia_frank at hotmail.com> on 2001.05.24 at 22:57:37(6558)
Hi Ron,
>Thanks for writing this letter and changing the tone of a very late NL.
>What is really strange,we have not had any inquiry about the lack of a
>newsletter, except for Universities. We can not give you any additional
>info on the Sept. show. Things are not confirmed.
>Please recheck the pages I sent you, there should be a half sheet with our
>logo,the words PRINTED MATTER and the "Stamp". I have just talked to the
>new printer. He will e-mail you his Bulk Mailing permit, since that is what
>we will now use.
>How do you plan to transmit the NL? I have limited computer skills so
>please keep your answer simple. Maybe the best bet is right to the printer.
>Their info is www.leesburgprinting.com or NewsletRus@aol.com or
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