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  ongoing insects.- PREDATOR NEMATODES
From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.01.28 at 15:06:18(8080)
Well I have another question regarding invasive insect problems in my plant pots..

I have read about products which are "predator nematodes" (not to be confused with the "bad" nematodes that hurt plants.

>From what I have read.. these micro insects are the what an bug has nightmares about, and they brutally kill all insects (yet no earthworms) which live in soil.

My questions are:

From: "Donald Burns" donburns at macconnect.com> on 2002.01.28 at 15:38:37(8081)

There used to be a place somewhere in the midwest called the Bug Factory.
This place sold predator insects. I had a URL at one time but no longer. You
may want to search for this place.

Also try pointing your browser at this site:

There is some interesting stuff there.

Don Burns

From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2002.01.28 at 19:11:10(8082)
Marc, I am afraid the story has got a little ahead of the real world here.
There are two nematodes in the genus Steinernema which are in (or shortly to
be in) commercial production for control of mole crickets and some other
insects of turfgrass. And there is one that is effective against black vine
weevil. I can point to sites on these if you don't have any luck with a
google search.
From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.01.28 at 19:12:37(8084)
DON DON DON! That was one great website! Many Many thanks! I can honestly say that the site you provided has been able to answer virtually all my questions and then some.

It talked about effect on what types of insects, duration, sources etc...

I am very pleased! And based on what I have read I am going to try Steinernema carpocapsae which seems to sound like it would be most effective against what I am dealing with. (Moreover, I was prepared to buy a different species prior to reading the information, which based on what I have read, would not have really been applicable to my problem).

Again, many thanks! And now... its credit card time!

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.01.28 at 20:43:26(8085)
If you look at the following site you can get predators for most common
pests maybe ants as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

info@buglogical.com PO Box 32046, Tucson, AZ 85751-2046 Phone/Fax:



From: mburack at mindspring.com> on 2002.01.28 at 22:16:33(8087)
Ok now I am confused... so none of the nematodes would have any effect on the ants?

aroid-l@mobot.org wrote:
> Marc, I am afraid the story has got a little ahead of the real world here.

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