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  Anthurium questions
From: Adam Black epiphyte1 at earthlink.net> on 2002.04.09 at 03:30:00(8500)
I bought a neat little Anthurium over the weekend at Tropiflora labeled
Anthurium rezedolskii. I can not find any reference to anything even
similar to the species name anywhere I have looked. Does anyone have any
information on this plant, such as growing requirements, habitat, etc? I
will try to borrow the digital camera from work this weekend and will
email photos to anyone who wants to try to identify it visually,
assuming this is an incorrect name.

Another Anthurium I saw there, but did not buy was labeled Anthurium
faustinomirandae. I can not find this species mentioned anywhere either.
Any info on this species would be appreciated as well.

One other question: Is Anthurium radicans apomictic?

Not an aroid question, but I would like to hear from anyone (off list,
of course) who has experience growing and propagating the beautiful
bromeliad-like Cochliostema sp.

From: TimothyA7 at aol.com on 2002.04.09 at 15:38:10(8505)
I would like to see the pic.
I have only been able to propagate Cochliostema from offshoots.

Tim Anderson

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.04.10 at 02:14:19(8511)
Dear Adam,

It may be of help to know that I saw a species of Cochliostema with the most
beautiful sprays of BLUE flowers growing oin the 'Y`s' of trees just like a
Bromeliad near Lago Agrio in E. Ecuador where their leaves acted much like a
litter basket, collecting falling debris from the canopy. I was very
taken by their beauty! I`d grow them in a loose, well draining medium in a
hanging basket. I also saw them being grown VERY well at Selby Bot. Garden
in W. Florida, maybe someone there who may be lurking on this list may give
us some pointers??


From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 2002.04.11 at 03:08:03(8518)

Adam, Try the above link...it will take you to the original discription of
the below anth.

From: "Clarence Hammer" chammer at cfl.rr.com> on 2002.04.11 at 16:14:14(8524)
Neil. Do you remember the name of one of the Anth's I sent you a long time
ago, I have lost it. It is a large
upright, cordate, thick leaved type. You said it was from Mexico and it had
a long, Aztec Indian sounding name?

Thanks, Russ.

From: Adam Black epiphyte1 at earthlink.net> on 2002.04.14 at 03:29:44(8539)
Neil Carroll wrote:
http://www.aroid.org/genera/Anthurium/belolonchium/rzedow.html-Adam, Try the above link...it will take you to the original discription ofthe below anth.


Thanks for the link. Must have missed it there before when I checked there.
My plant is clearly does not match Croat's description of A. rzedowskii.
I finally have an image I can send you and everyone else who asked. I will
be sending them to you off list. If anyone else wants to see the plant and
try to ID it, please email me off list and I will send you it. Hopefully
it is not some type of hybrid. I am one of those people who only collect


Adam Black

From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 2002.04.22 at 02:43:45(8580)
Russ, I believe the name may have been Anthurium huixtelense (spelling?). I
don't recall any others we spoke about.


From: Jason Sarine <jasondsarine at hotmail.com> on 2011.02.08 at 22:00:21(21899)
Hello all,

So I'm relatively new to growing Anthuriums and I picked up two at the midamerica IAS meeting, an Anthurium scandens and A. llewwlynii. They both seemed healthy until a power outage in my greenhouse. But I think they will recover just fine. Anyways my questions are: A. scandens is a creeper I believe and I want to make a nice full pot of it. Can I cut off a piece and reinsert it into the pot and expect it to grow? Can all of the nodes become root nodes? As for the A. llewwlynii I'm not sure of it's orientation I thought it might be pendant so I potted it with leaves facing down, but now it put out a new leaf angling up. So I am guessing it might be a birds-nest type? Also I want to attach it to something like a totem since it is epiphytic. What's the best way to do that? I can't use the orchid bark mix it's growing in now. Lots of questions I know. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks!

Jason Sarine

From: Christopher Rogers <branchiopod at gmail.com> on 2011.02.09 at 15:06:04(21907)
Hiyer, Jason!

That was a fun meeting in Texas! I do not have any experience with A. llewwlynii, but I have frown plenty of A. scandens. A. scandens is not so much a creeper as a climber. When I have seen it in the wild it typically grown in loose, well drained soil with lots of leaf litter and climbs trees and rocks. In my greenhouses, I grew it in pots with a mix of sand, pumice, peat and compost, and let it limb the walls and posts. You can cut off a branch and stick in the soil and it will root readily and grow just fine.

Bird nest Anthuriums do not typically grow up totems, but form large rosettes.

Happy days,




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