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  Debate about Stink (Re-fumigated)
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.14 at 21:40:39(9414)
In a unseemly haste to answer, I did not edit this epistle as much as I
should to make it less incoherent before the draft "got away", again, &
during one of the frequent power cuts due to insufficient fossil fuel at
power stations, the version being fumigated between several tap dancing
lessons was lost. Here is what may be the almost definitive undefinable 10
MB version the less illiterate cross-eyed incongruity of which I hope will
not be flushed from the annals of Aroid-L.

> Randy,

From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.16 at 18:06:24(9424)
Hi Donna!

Now that IS funny. I was tempted to say, "Shocking", "Disgraceful" but no I
am big enough.. However I hope the little grooms were not overcome from the
o'er raised expectations. If bridal gowns had been designed exactly like
the things "skirts", it might have been two weddings & at least two

From: "Randy Story" story at caltech.edu> on 2002.09.16 at 18:47:43(9425)
Hi Ron (and Tsu Yang),

I was out of town so didn't have a chance to comment on this earlier.

Regarding Durian vs. Amorphophallus smells:

I related most of this story on aroid-l a few months ago, so sorry for the

I brought into work both A. bulbifer and Sauromatum tubers that bloomed. In
each case these eventually smelled up the room they were in and had to be
moved to a fume hood. A few months earlier, however, there was a semi-panic
when a noxious smell filled the entire floor (not just one room). Thinking
that there must have been some sort of chemical spill, people called the
chemical safety department! I recognized the smell as Durian but people
were not convinced it could be a "mere" fruit. Eventually the remains were
found in a trash container--a Vietnamese janitor had snacked on a Durian.
Chemical safety had arrived but their services were unneeded.

I have tried Durian once. It was a thawed frozen one, so I realize the
taste was inferior. Maybe I will have to taste one of the "fresh" ones
available in the market these days (although I realize these are still
inferior to "real" fresh ones). I wouldn't say that I liked the fruit, but
I didn't detest it. The smell was unpleasant though, so we had to put the
carcass outside. The next morning it was covered with dozens of (not
small!) metallic green beetles. I had not noticed these beetles running
around the yard prior to this--presumably the scent of the fruit was a big
draw. Ron, I really like the idea of the dual scent features of the fruit
and the resultant attraction of large consumers and seed spreaders while
repelling the little guys (perhaps the "thorns" play a role here too??). It
makes a lot of sense. My experience with the beetles seems possibly in
conflict with this, though. Perhaps the repulsive phenomenon is only with
the unopened or partially cracked open (ripe) fruit, but after it has been
mostly gnawed at things change? I'm curious if you have any ideas.

I actually don't have anything against Spaths. I gave my mom one a couple
of years ago.

Just curious: You mention your "Brit humour". I was under the impression
that you are Irish and that they don't like to be called Brits (which I
thought is restricted to people from Great Britain). Do I have this wrong?


From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.17 at 00:34:47(9426)
Thanks Randy,

As you realise a lot of the things I said were tongue in cheek to share fun
provocatively & learn. So, thank you for your funny story which
reciprocates that fun. Please Julius tell Randy & the other folks what you
told me, set the record straight, THE FACTS not my hypotheses about DURIAN &
TITAN & other dreadful things.....

Yes I'm a Brit, but where I came from used to be woods & fields, now its
mostly concrete & cars, for ever, so I escaped to keep my sanity to West
Cork. I consider Ireland as nearer my heart's home; here a Natural World
where I can live out of the insane rat race in Peace & Quiet to think, feel
& share fun with like caring imaginative original simple people. I can
watch, observe, carefully understand, it is an inspirational & creative
Life. I am loyal to my Country but not its escalating materialism & its
NOISE etc etc so here is my adopted home.

Re: Spaths, maybe few people have seen the whole range of Spath SPECIES,
many VERY different from the usual supermarket ones which are still elegant
& graceful but more look alike. In due course I'll take photos of this
tremendous Collection for which I'm privileged to be a custodian & request a
digital wizard to post them on the net for you folks. They have to grow for
several more months or so & flower first Any offers please, I could send
half a dozen at a time as they flower & I photograph on film as I can't
afford a good digicamera yet.

Its after midnight, I'm tired on tired, so thanks for your enthusiasm.

Ron Iles

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2002.09.19 at 01:51:53(9435)
Per your request, here it is Ron!
(My comp. was down the last four days, but I`m back!)


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