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  Re: [aroid-l] Debate about Stink (Re-fumigated)
From: "Ron Iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2002.09.17 at 00:34:47(9426)
Thanks Randy,

As you realise a lot of the things I said were tongue in cheek to share fun
provocatively & learn. So, thank you for your funny story which
reciprocates that fun. Please Julius tell Randy & the other folks what you
told me, set the record straight, THE FACTS not my hypotheses about DURIAN &
TITAN & other dreadful things.....

Yes I'm a Brit, but where I came from used to be woods & fields, now its
mostly concrete & cars, for ever, so I escaped to keep my sanity to West
Cork. I consider Ireland as nearer my heart's home; here a Natural World
where I can live out of the insane rat race in Peace & Quiet to think, feel
& share fun with like caring imaginative original simple people. I can
watch, observe, carefully understand, it is an inspirational & creative
Life. I am loyal to my Country but not its escalating materialism & its
NOISE etc etc so here is my adopted home.

Re: Spaths, maybe few people have seen the whole range of Spath SPECIES,
many VERY different from the usual supermarket ones which are still elegant
& graceful but more look alike. In due course I'll take photos of this
tremendous Collection for which I'm privileged to be a custodian & request a
digital wizard to post them on the net for you folks. They have to grow for
several more months or so & flower first Any offers please, I could send
half a dozen at a time as they flower & I photograph on film as I can't
afford a good digicamera yet.

Its after midnight, I'm tired on tired, so thanks for your enthusiasm.

Ron Iles

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