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  Symplocarpus/aquatics only
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.04.17 at 13:49:27(11405)
Reply-To: aroid-l@lists.ncsu.edu
Subject: Re: [aroid-l] Symplocarpus
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 06:21:40 +0800
Dear All,
This 'standing/stagnant fresh water' issue has been one of my ongoing
'battles' with TROPICAL aquatic growers dating back years! My hope is that
this short 'note' may assist someone struggling w/ rare, irreplacable plants
of this group--- Some of you may recall an early article in Aroideana--
'Experiencing Urospathas'?? In it I TRIED to explain my growing methods
which resulted in award-winning quality plants of this (and other genera
such as Certosperma and Lasia, Podolasia, etc.) before-difficult to grow
highly aquatic genus. They may APPEAR to grow in standing water when
encountered in the field, but in general this water is 'aliive' and moving,
not stagnant. Another BIG item that had seemed to escape the previous folk
who had tried and failed to grow these and other aquatics using a
pot-with-saucer-and-water method was that the 'soil' we use is composed of
HIGHLY organic metarials that, when constantly immersed below water QUICKLY
decompose/rot and kill the roots then the entire plant, the secret is to
place enough larva-rock or stones or broken croc in the bottom of your
planting pot so that the soil is kept slightly ABOVE the water-level in the
saucer(like in using 3" of rock in a pot standing in 2" of saucer-held
water), you must then water from above till you see roots growing out the
drain holes of the pot into the water in the saucer, and CHANGE THE WATER in
the saucer on a regular basis!! Keep this water WARM (70 or so degrees F.)
during the cool season using heat-strips or other methods!
My two cents.
Good Growing,

From: Brian Williams <pugturd at alltel.net> on 2004.04.19 at 03:21:49(11411)
I have currently been working on a new area of our nursery. We recently
bought the 5 acres behind us were their is a valley and a creek. I am
planning to put in a forest garden near the creek and around it. I am
trying to get as many hardy aroids as possible to live in this area. I
currently have Amorphophallus konjac many forms of arisaema, calla
palustris, colocasia pink china , lysichiton americanus, orontium
aquaticum, peltandra virginica, symplocarupus foetidus. As well as
hostas petasites banana basjoo and other hardy unusuals.
I am looking to see if anyone might know of other useful things to put
in my new area. As well as anyone with extras of any hardy aroids or
other unusuals that will work in this area. The other symplocarpus sound
very interesting but I believe will be hard to track down. Here are a
few I would like to see photos of or possible places that may sell them
or trade.

From: "G. D. M." <doji at interpac.net> on 2004.04.19 at 17:50:36(11416)

Where are you located? Zone or ?????


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