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  Gonatopus species-Yup!
From: Ken Mosher ken at spatulacity.com> on 2006.09.28 at 16:34:33(14685)
Hi Julius,

No, it's not Amorph symonianus. While my particular plant does not have
a well-pronounced 'knee' others on the sales table did (mine has the
knee but it's not a textbook example). The swollen joints I mentioned
are not the intercalary bulbils of symonianus (which I'm familiar with).
Aside from which Am. symonianus would have one large bulbil at the top
of the petiole (plus additional bulbils at further divisions of the
leaflet on larger plants). On this plant the place where the leaf first
begins to divide into its three primary groupings of leaflets has three
large rounded joints.

From: "Michael Pascall" mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2006.09.28 at 21:42:26(14691)
Amorphophallus salmoneus can be all green , it also has a lumpy tuber .
Mine is just sprouting .

Michael Pascall,

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2006.09.28 at 22:09:51(14693)
Reply-To : Discussion of aroids
Sent : Thursday, September 28, 2006 4:34 PM
To : Discussion of aroids
Subject : Re: [Aroid-l] Gonatopus species-Yup!

Dear Ken,

OK, if it IS in fact a species of Gonotopus and is all-green, then, and
ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTS who have examined the 'naughty bits', it is a but
color form of the common giraffe knee, G. bovinii. I have never been real
'comfortable' w/ this determination, so maybe you can make
observations/photos, collect specimens, and maybe send a sample of leaf
tissue to be compared to that of the 'real' G. bovinii (so you must also
send a leaf sample of the 'real' G. bovinni for comparison) to someone who
has the capabilities to do this DNA testing (Eduardo is the only one who
comes to mind at this moment) and see what comes back at you!

Good Luck,


From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2006.09.28 at 23:18:12(14696)
I have seen what looks to be three forms of Gonatopus. One is the large
green form it has the knee half way up the stem and is usually a much
larger grower around 4 to 6 feet tall thicker stems with a large flower.
It can reproduce from leaves.
Then the most common form is the brown stripped stem form with the knee
halfway up the stem. This one usually grows to 3 maybe 4 feet tall and
is most common it has a thin looking flower with the same colorations on
the spath.
From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2006.09.29 at 04:13:22(14703)
Hi Brian,

It seems like this third form isn't G. boivinii. Where can we look at
pictures of that?

The large all-green knee-bearing form of G. boivinii is quite common here in
cultivation beside the dark grey, striped one. They are definitely the same
species: G. boivinii.


From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2006.09.29 at 16:52:32(14706)
Dear aroiders,

I have both forms (pure green and mottled) growing side by side as
adult flowering plants. Despite they are strikling different because of the
color, all extant features I could observe are similar. Anyhow, I will
compare DNA of both plants and the other Gonatopus I have (G. angustus) for
the DNA barcode project. I will let you know.

Very best wishes,


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