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  Thyphonium nubicum vs Typhonium venosum 'IndianGiant'?
From: agoston.janos at citromail.hu (Jan Agoston) on 2007.08.25 at 08:36:34(16161)

Hi All,

I have the "seldom spotted" here at home, but it didn't flowered yet. It was purchased as Sauromatum punctatum, which was told by experts, that it is only a form of the T. venosum. For me it is smaller than the others (T. venosum and "Sauromatum guttatum" which are also synonims, which is true, cause they were cross pollinated and now the fruits are ripening), but the leaw segments were wider, and also less segmented. The others were around 90 cm (~3 feet) high. Well of course we have had an unusuall hot and wet summer, often chanageable, which may have influence on the plants.

Unfortunately they are now in a rest so no more foliage for this year...

My opinion is that this is just a form of the Ty. venosum, not a cultivar. Cultivar for me means that it was breed by somebody.


From: crogers at ecoanalysts.com (D. Christopher Rogers) on 2007.08.27 at 15:42:03(16165)

This is very interesting. I have T. venosum. It has very spotted petioles,
but grows to 4.5 - 5 feet in my greenhouse, 3.5 - 4.5 out doors. The younger
leaves are more dissect as Brian shows them, the older leaves are less so,
especially in the greenhouse. Maybe I have hybrids? Maybe the different
forms are clinal and my material was collected in between them? Seems like
an interesting amount of variability. Any suggestions?


D. Christopher Rogers

From: StroWi at t-online.de (StroWi at t-online.de) on 2007.09.21 at 12:32:47(16313)


a (very) late "Thank you" to all of you who replied to my question!

All the comments indicate that there is probably a lot of variation in
T. venosum in respect to plant size and pattern of the petiole.

Since I have just one genotype (thanks CJ!), I could nor tell the
difference, neither confirm to some fellow aroiders here in Germany that
my plant is the 'Indian Giant'.
However, from all the descriptions and pictures it seems to be that I
really have the 'Indian Giant'. Furthermore it was confirmed by the
american fellow aroider I got the offset from that it came from Tony
Avent's PDN as 'Indian Giant'.
I attach a picture showing the wider leaf segments and the fewer spotted

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