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  unusual Anthurium berry
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.07 at 19:23:31(16237)

A grower who lives west of Mexico City sent these photos. I'm trying to help him with a possible ID. The plant was collected in Mexico and has been in his garden for many years. Have any of you seen an Anthurium berry with this shape? It came form a Mexican "birds nest" form. The spadices hang pendantly as can be seen in his photo


Steve Lucas

From: chammer at cfl.rr.com (Bluesea) on 2007.09.08 at 18:45:52(16239)
I'm afraid I don't grow enough Anth's to be able to help with this one

From: exotics at hawaii.rr.com (Windy Aubrey) on 2007.09.08 at 19:35:54(16241)
Hi Steve,
Beautiful plant! Can you get an image of the entire plant?

Hey, Guess what!!!!! I'll see you in MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!


From: ju-bo at msn.com (Julius Boos) on 2007.09.08 at 20:35:25(16242)
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.09 at 00:47:20(16243)
Looks like all of us are in that boat!!


From: donbit121 at hotmail.com (Don Bittel) on 2007.09.09 at 02:30:32(16247)
This looks to me like the common anth. schlectendallii by the berries and
leaf bases. Though the spadix is usually more green to purple than the white
color it looks in the photo. years ago I sent pictures of many birdnest
anthuriums to Croat for identification, and he labeled most of them to be
this schlectendallii. so it is a variable plant, and common in collections.

Don Bittel

From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.09 at 10:06:32(16249)
Forgive me, I wrote this at 4:45AM and my brain is not quite awake. Where I stated "peduncle" below in red, I meant to say petiole.


From: derek at horticulturist.com (Derek Burch) on 2007.09.09 at 11:12:29(16250)
I agree with Don: this looks like the variable species that is common in
gardens (although I would not venture a name). The hanging infructescences
are because the plant is growing over the side of the pot, and are like all
those in my garden which "hang" when growing in a tree or lie flat along the
ground or a leaf when this is their only option since they do not have the
rigidity to support the weight of the developing fruits.

It always seems such a shame to waste these fruit masses, but the seedlings
come up from them like grass and die from overcrowding unless a few are
picked off the spadix when young and grown on.


From: ncarz at charter.net (ncarz at charter.net) on 2007.09.09 at 19:23:12(16251)
Do the berries have seeds in them? Many Pachyneuriums have berries this shape that are false berries and have no seeds.

---- ExoticRainforest wrote:

From: denis at skg.com (Denis Rotolante) on 2007.09.10 at 14:36:01(16253)
possibly Anthurium cubens.

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From: aroid-l-bounces at gizmoworks.com

From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.10 at 21:26:01(16257)
MessageThanks Denis. I had considered A. cubens but the grower does not accept the possiblity. I'm unsure why.


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.10 at 21:27:38(16258)
Yes, I have confirmed twice the berries have seeds, two per berry. The grower now has 30 new small plants grown from these seeds.

Steve Lucas

From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.10 at 21:42:28(16259)

Can't argue with logic. Dr. Croat did indicate when I was last in his office Anthurium schlechtendalii should have an erect peduncle with a pendant spathe. I may have to wait for him to return from Ecuador for a clarification, but the shape of the spadices in the grower's photos are not a close match to the photo he verified. I'm attaching a photo of the spathe and spadix which he verified to be Anthurium schlechtendalii. In the case of this spathe, it fell pendant within days. It also developed a full head of berries and remained erect until the red berries were harvested and planted in pots. However, I understand the variableness of the species. Dr. Gon?alves informed me in an email last fall the peduncle should be longer than the spadix which is the case in both photos.

Steve Lucas

From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.10 at 22:34:59(16261)


I just checked the photos of the Mexican Anthurium again and the spadices don't match Dr. Gon?alves comment the spadices of Anthurium schlechtendalii should be longer than the peduncle. If you check the photos I'm attaching again the peduncle appears to be approximately of equal length to the spadix.

I realize I may chasing my tail on this one. It may well be a hybrid or a variation, but I just can't make a significant number of details match to Dr. Croat's description. And I've read it about four or five times now. It doesn't match Anthurium cubense well either! And the seeds are viable. I think we need to buy the Doc a lap top with an internet link to a satellite!!

Steve Lucas

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