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  Dracontium prancei questions and answers .
From: mickpascall at hotmail.com (Michael Pascall) on 2007.11.26 at 06:53:39(16737)
I am very confident of the ID of this species , you have seen pictures of it many years ago Julius . We discussed it privately for a while with David Scherberich.
Dan , you will get ofsets from this plant , and they will grow roots when still attached to the mother tuber . They need to be cut off , unlike the easily seperated tubercles that form on most other species.
I think you may get a flower if you let it stress a little in mid winter . If you repot frequently , pay attention to the tuber shape , when it gets nearly round it should flower . And afterwards , you would see it will be more disc shaped [like a flying saucer] this explains how they work down to the bottom of the pot . I have noticed it grows easily and only slows down towards spring . I have several planted out under the edge of a large mango tree , they are looking good . Maybe a high P fert. like a bloom booster would help flowering , but I agree who needs a flower ? , its just a cool looking easy to grow species .
Michael Pascall,>
From: plantguy at zoominternet.net (Daniel Devor) on 2007.11.26 at 14:01:15(16738)
Thanks George and Michael,

This is definately the easiest species I have tried (even easier and a much nicer plant than polyphyllum for me) of the Dracontium. For anyone in a non-hospitable climate I can recommend this species as one to try if you have not had success with Dracontium. I grow it for the winter in front of a south facing window is all here in zone 6a.

It is just starting a new growth now (maybe 1 m tall so far, but the leaf has not yet begun to really inflate) so maybe next spring I will repot (I rarely repot so have only seen the tuber once since I got it from you Michael). I get a new petiole about once every 4-6 months now that it is a bit more mature. I've also noticed that the new growth does not come out looking like a sheppards hook like the other species I have, but instead comes out pointing straight up, but perhaps this is a curiosity of only my plant and not the species? Next time I repot if the babies have some roots I will cut a couple off and see if they grow well for me!!

Thanks for all of the suggestions,


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