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  Anthurium cubense/Miami
From: ju-bo at msn.com (ju-bo at msn.com) on 2007.12.16 at 08:24:31(16827)

I THINK this species was collected about 10 years (?) back, and was displayed by the then plant curator, the great Craig Allen, growing on the huge artificial ''tree'' at Fairchild, IF it is the one I am thinking of, a vining species that lives amongst the ''boots'' (petiole bases) of sabal/cabbage palms on Cuba?
Of course it is entirely possible that with the seeming ''shift'' into ''pretty-pretties only'' being displayed at Fairchild, this rare and should-be-treasured species might have been weeded off its perch and relegated to a back area, or thrown out with the trash in preference to a cheap, imported-from- Thailand (but pretty, mind you!) hybrid blooming Dendrobium orchid.
There must be others in the Miami area who were the benificiaries of this collection in Cuba, and who still have this interesting, rare but relatively unattractive species in their collections??


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.12.17 at 22:20:38(16834)
Thanks again Julius. What got me checking for a verified specimen was Tom's description. In his journal he indicates the plant should have 6 to 7 primary lateral veins per side of each leaf. The petiole and inflorscence should also be short. Some of the plants I've seen don't match those descriptions.

Here's what I've got so far if anyone has additional input. And input is always appreciated!!


Steve Lucas

From: aroids at numericable.fr (Scherberich) on 2007.12.17 at 23:46:41(16836)
Dear Juius,

You are talking here about Anthurium gymnopus which I think is
endemic to Cuba. On the other hand, Anthurium cubense is an member of
section Pachyneurium mainly from Central America, more info here:


With best regards,


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2007.12.20 at 02:02:56(16845)
Dear Steve:

The plant on your site is the ruffled-margened form of Anthurium
plowmanii Croat.


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.12.22 at 19:09:20(16850)
Thanks as always Tom. Anthurium cubense has become a difficult plant of which to find a verified photo. Most of the photos I've received so far don't match the description and the one that appeared to do so isn't correct either! If anyone on the list has a specimen that matches the description and can provide a photo, I would very much appreciate being able to use it. And thanks to those who have offereded assistance.

I've got one more set of photos which Tom has been sent to review so perhaps we have one, but so far A. cubense has been a task to locate!
Here's the link again just in case anyone wants to check the specs I've been able to grasp:

But the photos don't appear to be the species!

And by the way, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! The assistance from each of you in helping to update and correct information on the website has been most appreciated!!

Steve Lucas

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