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  50,000 Photos
From: pugturd at alltel.net (Brian Williams) on 2008.01.10 at 00:19:25(16938)
I have for the last 13 years been taking tons of photos of my plants as
well as plants I have seen on my travels. As the number of photos have
grown I had to make a folder system to ID and place all the plant photos
and pictures into groups. I have been cleaning up the folder and though
not all of them are labeled with species names most are in the correct
family folder and hopefully the right groups. I have now started weeding
out older and less attractive pictures and picking the nicest photos to
be uploaded to a new account on www.flickr.com I plan to build a nice
data base full of odd aroids and other plant species. At the moment I am
working on any plant I feel compelled to put up. If their are certain
species or a certain aroid group you would be interested in seeing send
me a email and I will see about getting it up. Please do not tell me to
post all philodendrons their are a few thousand photos and many without
IDs in that folder. I can select certain species from that group and
post but uploading and working on the entire folder would be far to much
at the moment.
From: honeybunny442 at yahoo.com (Susan B) on 2008.01.10 at 16:53:39(16941)
Hi Brian,
Your photos look really good, your photography has improved, they look very professional. I've just started growing a few Cannas, never had them before, so it was nice to look at all your new hybrids, they look wonderful, nice leaves too. Right now I have a baby I moved into the greenhouse, I think it might be indica, it's blooming and looks pretty cute.
Did you realize your watermarks could be easily cropped from your photos, as they are on the bottom and the blooms are in the middle of the photo? Don't know if you care about that or not....
If you have any Zantedeschia photos I'd like to see them, by now everyone knows they are a passion of mine... lol The only Aroid I can get to grow on a consistent basis, in fact every time I type "Aroid" I can hear Home saying "Very rare, Susan, don't kill!" and Scott snickering.


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