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  2 Philos w/inflorescence 1 needs ID
From: TheTropix at msn.com (Sherry Gates) on 2008.03.14 at 00:24:21(17176)
Hi everyone,
I am usually just a reader here, but today I noticed that a couple of my Philodendrons are about to bloom. So I took some pictures and posted them on Snapfish. (it's free to register and use) I think the link below will take you to the album. One is (was purchased as) either an Equadorian or Thai species. (reddish @ bottom of inflorescence). If anyone knows what its real name may be, I'd love to know. I'm pretty sure it came from NS Exotics. If you need more pictures, just let me know.
The other is on the infamous P. glaucophyllum-hastatum-engler-'Silver Sword' (and who knows what else!) As they open, I'll add more pics, if anyone is interested.
Thanks, Sherry

zone 9

From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.03.14 at 19:41:12(17180)
Dear Sherry in SE Texas:

I signed on to Snapfish but after 15 minutes of waiting for
your pictures to load up I finally gave up. If you could send the
images in some other way I would be happy to try to determine them for

Tom Croat

From: donbit121 at hotmail.com (Don Bittel) on 2008.03.16 at 02:28:32(17182)
Dear Sherry, Tom, all,
I was able to register with Snapfish and view the photos quickly, with regular dsl, but the ones of flowers are just unopened stalks. send more when they finally open, possibly 2 to 4 weeks. Include the opened spathe and a closeup of the spadix (remove as much of the spathe as needed to show 'all the parts').
The Ecuador? plant photo showing the leaf looked unfamiliar to me, but could be distinctive enuf for an id.
Tom, I'll try to forward them to you.

Don Bittel

From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.03.18 at 01:53:10(17186)
Dear Don:

I made the mistake of downloading Snapfish and now it has
captured all my pictures in my computer and the damned thing is hard to
deal with. When I open an image now I can't even figure out how to save
it to my computer? Do you know how?

Windows Explorer and Picassa but allow easy and fast manipulation of
images so I must get someone over here from IT to remove this thing.

If you could send me the image involved I would be happy to
see it.


From: criswick at spiceisle.com (criswick) on 2008.03.18 at 16:43:52(17188)
Thanks for the warning. Snapfish IS a rather nasty name, like a grouper.



From: TheTropix at msn.com (Sherry Gates) on 2008.03.18 at 18:07:30(17189)
Dear Tom,
OMG I am so sorry. Go to your Control Panel, then to Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down to Snapfish and click to remove it. I cannot tell you how sorry I am to have caused this problem for you! My sister and niece use it a lot and recommended it to me. Meanwhile, when you go to open a picture, right click it and go to the 'Open With' option. At the bottom you'll have an option to choose the program you want to use to automatically open your pictures with. BE SURE TO CHECK THE LITTLE BOX AT THE BOTTOM THAT SAYS 'ALWAYS USE THIS PROGRAM TO OPEN THIS TYPE OF FILE' Then choose the program you want to use. That should stop Snapfish from being the default image program. Then you can remove the program per above, if you already haven't. Again, I cannot tell you how sorry I am about this. I know that the Aroid list prefers that images aren't sent directly to the list and thought I was doing the right thing.
Let me know if this helps and please accept my most sincere apology.
From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.03.19 at 15:58:02(17191)

Don't worry about it. My guy in the IT Department said that
it is simply that the computer uses exclusively the last photo manager
that you download and he will change it for me. Now, I actually want to
keep the Snapfish program because it is useful to have to be able to
send off images to this processing service. Perhaps you can answer
another question since you seem to be so well informed. I got this deal
from your processor to print 20 images for free on my first order.
Since I really do want such a service to print images that I need I
thought, hell, I will just go ahead and do it. The only problem was
that their cheapest price (which is very good indeed at 8 cents each)
requires that you send in 250 images and yet they would allow me to only
upload 20. Do you know how to get around that. Can I not send them 250
images and get 20 of them processed for free? There seems to be no real
person involved, only a silly answer page that doesn't answer your


From: TheTropix at msn.com (Sherry Gates) on 2008.03.20 at 20:48:07(17196)

Hi Tom,
The link below should take you to a page that will let you order in bundles of 250 digital photos for $19.99 (+ shipping, I'm sure) If this link doesn't take you to the right page, you can go to snapfish.com, if you dare , sign in and right under where it says 'Welcome back, Tom', there'll be 3 offers. The bottom offer says 'You have earned special offers' click the 'View Details' and it'll take you to the page. Remember though, you can order 1, 2 or more BUNDLES of 250 pics. Let me know if this works and if not, I'll get you to it one way or another. As far as I know, go ahead and get your 20 free & then order the 250 for $20.
Thanks for your kindness,

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