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  Arisaema sp. seedling help
From: tindomul1of9 at yahoo.com (Tindomul Er-Murazor) on 2008.03.20 at 16:19:24(17194)
I planted many seeds of an Arisaema species native to Long Island, most likely A. triphyllum. Only 1 seed germinated so far, 7 months after I planted them, slightly covering them with soil and keeping the soil moist. The soil is a combination of sphag, bark, and all sorts of other large items which makes it fast draining and sligtly acidic.
The one leaf it has now has been all it has produced in about a months worth of growth. Its hasn't done anything else.
Does anyone know about growing these from seed? What happens next? Is it going to die on me if no more leaves come? SHould I change something? I have it under artificial lights at a temp of around 80.
Attached is a picture


From: LLmen at wi.rr.com (Don Martinson) on 2008.03.21 at 05:31:24(17197)
Where did you obtain your seeds? Did you harvest them yourself? Many seeds
need to undergo a period of chilling called vernalization. I always
obtained my best germination of A. triphyllum by cleaning the seed in fall,
then placing them in the refrigerator in damp sphagnum moss in a zip lock
type plastic bag. As I recall, some had already germinated when I removed
the bag in April to plant out the seed.

Don Martinson

From: tindomul1of9 at yahoo.com (Tindomul Er-Murazor) on 2008.03.21 at 17:27:11(17199)
Hi Don,

Thanks for the help. I did not give them the winter conditions. Thats probably why only 1 of the many seeds I got germinated. I got the seeds from a friend in Long Island who the plants in fruit in August in his back yard. He had just bought his house and the plants were there, I had to tell him not to mow them down.
I did some more asking around/research and from what I was told it is normal for the seedling to have only 1 leaf in its first growing season.
Ok here is my challenge. I don't have property outdoors to grow these. Can I grow this indoors under artificial lights? Can I refrigerated them in the winter months?
Thanks again.

From: tindomul1of9 at yahoo.com (Tindomul Er-Murazor) on 2008.03.22 at 20:01:58(17206)
Thank you Mike for the info and the reference to the books. I will certainly look for them!

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