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  Monstera tenuis in cultivation.
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Dear All, especially Leland,


From: hluther at selby.org (Harry Luther) on 2008.07.03 at 01:27:57(18057)
Ive checked our records and the greenhouse benches, I can find no records of Monstera tenuis. Mike Madison had quite a collection of Monstera taxa but when he left in 1983 most of his collection was distributed to whoever wanted it. At this same time I was faced with a 3200 sq ft loss of growing space so the loss of a few big aroids wasnt one of my top concerns. We do maintain a synoptic collection of Araceae but because we have no one on staff working with the family its down to ca 800 sq feet of greenhouse bench space. Over the years Ive heard all kinds of stories that we no longer have aroids. Visitors know otherwise. HEL

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From: gartenbaureisenberger at web.de (Helmut Reisenberger) on 2008.07.04 at 00:39:29(18064)
It is about five years ago that I found a well developed, adult species of Monstera tenuis in the Botanical Garden of Darmstadt (Germany). It didn?t have a name tag and nobody could tell. I got a stem cutting with two internodes and adult leaves. After I have cut the stem into two pieces (each nodium) I sterilized it and put it into a cup of fresh water. As soon root tips developed after two weeks, I put the cuttings into a cup filled with sterile, washed coarse river sand. There it took a while until new shoots showed. The result was: a stem of one millimeter diameter, very long internodes and tiny, round, juvenile leaves. The stems grew for several meters, but the leaves did not get any bigger. I cut the stems again and again and each new cutting produced the same type of new shoots. Over the years now, the oldest plants have a stem of 15 millimeter diameter and still the same type of round, juvenile leaves up to 20 cm diameter. I think it needs time and the right growing conditions to produce adult, spl
it leaves as well as shorter internodes. I never had problems with rooting any cuttings,- like I hardly have problems propagating different Monsteras under "Central European greenhouse conditions". I am about to make a picture documentation of my different Monsteras (with a lot of
ID- questions directed to the forum). I wish I had more time to do it. I?ll be back!


From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2008.07.04 at 18:41:57(18072)

What to do with such climbers? I plant the young offset deep in the pot
until the plant produces its own roots, then I tie it to a coconut fiber
stake below every new leaf and keep it moist. The plant roots in it and each
new leaf is larger than the previous one.


From: gartenbaureisenberger at web.de (Helmut Reisenberger) on 2008.07.13 at 23:31:58(18138)
Hi Julius, Leyland, Harry ...

As promised, I send a few picts. of my Monstera tenuis in greenhouse cultivation and a short history of my efforts to grow cuttings of them.
Atr the same time I have tried to contact the Botanical Garden in Darmstadt (Germany), where I once got a cutting of an adult plant. As soon I can manage to get photos of their adult plant, I will send them to the forum.
Helmut Reisenberger

From: gartenbaureisenberger at web.de (Helmut Reisenberger) on 2008.07.13 at 23:59:28(18139)
Dear Harry, Leyland, Julius....

My last posting unfortunately failed with the attatched pictures. So I try again. The picts show my efforts to grow Monstera tenuis, of which I had got cuttings with adult leaves about five years ago.
Helmut Reisenberger

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