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  fall show & sale photos
From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 2008.09.19 at 20:02:19(18550)
For reasons beyond my control, the webshots folks named the folder "Good
Times". It may be true, but it sounds a bit teenish. Perhaps that's my
level of maturity.

Anyway, here are the only partially edited photos of today's set up.
They're being loaded as I write this so if by chance this message is
published close after 11 PM EDT Friday, it's possible they won't all be
on line.

You can click on a thumbnail and then have the option of viewing it full


From: STARSELL at aol.com on 2008.09.20 at 06:15:09(18553)
Dear Les,

Those photos are amazing!

I so wish I could be there. I know my

lust for those plants is disgusting.

Thanks for posting them.


Alison Robinson



From: "Famille FERRY" <jpcferry2 at wanadoo.fr> on 2008.09.20 at 10:06:52(18554)
Hello ,

Lester, thank you very much for the first photos of the show. It is a grea t
pleasure to look at these pictures. I have the impression of being with you
in Miami, while I am here in France.
I am eager to see pictures of Marc Gibernau at the conference.
Greetings to all.

From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 2008.09.20 at 21:20:01(18557)
...and here's day 2 with images of the Banquet and then Auction.


From: brian lee <lbmkjm at yahoo.com> on 2008.09.20 at 23:50:07(18558)
Dear Lester,

Aloha and mahalo for being there to record and share the show with the envious no-shows this year.

I feel as if I could just reach out and buy a plant or thirty. It is also wonderful to see familiar faces among the crowd. Now if I could only read some of those labels on the pots...

Thank you for posting these photos. I look forward to being there in person...but, this is the next best thing.



From: Albert M Huntington <amh at ieee.org> on 2008.09.21 at 04:41:33(18559)

We had a several talks on Saturday. Hopefully, Lester Kallus can upload some video from Ted Held's fascinating talk on Cryptocoryne and Marc Gibernau's feature presentation on Aroid pollination.

I've uploaded a video of the first hour of Dr. Tom Croat's entertaining presentation on his lifetime of plant exploration - well worth your while to hear him describe his life and travels. It can be found at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8627280108839896384&hl=en

I apologize in advance for the low resolution and fact that it cuts out after an hour. I took it with my pocket camera due to a battery issue with Lester's video camera, so it was a last minute thing with somewhat inadequate equipment...


From: "Famille FERRY" <jpcferry2 at wanadoo.fr> on 2008.09.21 at 09:20:42(18560)
Hello Lester , Marc and Tom and all

It was a great joy to discover the photos with Marc, Tom and all of
you that I do not know.
Thank you very much for Tom's presentation that I look with great

From: "Windy Aubrey" <exotics at hawaii.rr.com> on 2008.09.21 at 12:35:49(18561)

Thanks for providing the images of the 2008 IAS Show, banquet, and sale.

I was not able to attend this year, but enjoyed the pictures as if I were

You did a great job recording the fun and activities.

Thanks again for sharing,

From: brian lee <lbmkjm at yahoo.com> on 2008.09.22 at 21:04:12(18570)
Dear Albert( and Dr. Croat),

Aloha and mahalo for sharing this video of Dr. Croat's lecture for those of us stuck at home.

It proves that the IAS has a living treasure among us in the form of Dr. Croat. His life and work needs to be published as a book... I believe it should be a biography versus an autobiography so he can continue to work on Araceae undistracted. Wow. I was impressed before I saw the video...but now I am convinced that his life should be documented like other legends in print...Dr. Richard Evan Schultes,Dr. E.O. Wilson,...Bates, Wallace, and Spruce are a few that come to mind. We need to have the unabridged and illustrated Croat biography...maps and photos and botanical illustrations. It needs to have 500 pages of text and full color plates. What a story,

Thank you both for this opportunity to glimpse the life and times of Dr. Tom Croat...I feel I know him a little better...but I also know that is like seeing the entire extent of an iceberg.



From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2008.09.24 at 17:16:18(18576)
Dear Leland:

Thank you for the kind remarks. For years I know that I should
record some of the events that have happened in my life and two years
ago I had an opportunity to write articles for my local newspaper. I
competed in a writing contest and was one of 17 Opinion Shapers (several
hundred usually apply). It gives me opportunities to write three
articles a year and I won again this year so I have now written 4
articles and will soon submit my 5th. So slowly I am at least taking the
time to record my stories. Unfortunately with a strict limit of 600
words I often have to leave out important detail.


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