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  RIP my Titanums :(
From: Neil Gordon <gneil23 at yahoo.co.uk> on 2009.08.06 at 10:07:54(19646)
Hi all,

About 5 years ago I bought 3 Amorph Titanum seeds from someone on this list (whose name I can no longer remember)
I reported to you a few weeks ago that one of my bulbs had started to rot from the eye
, and did anyone know any survival tips.

Well, eventually the whole thing rotted and was useless. Now My other 2 bulbs have started to follow suit, It looks like the central bud has died off on these too, but its dry and only one of them looks like it had started to go bad. However on the bottom of these Ive had to cut away about the lower half of both of them, as they had started to rot from the bottom. They are now sitting out letting the cut surfaces dry.

They had all been sitting dormant for the last 3 - 5 months in soil which was not wet, maybe too dry, I hadnt watered the pots since dormancy, in fact Ive kept these in exactly the same conditions (I will admid here, not ideal) since I germinated them back in August 2004 and not had one single problem with them.

I have several questions at this point.

Firstly, can anyone remember who it was that was selling them? And if anyone else still on the list bought some, how did your plants fare?

Secondly, does anyone know how these plants cope with the loss of the eye stalk, are they known to produce replacement stems in adverse conditions.

Im a bit dissapointed that after 5 years, and growing these beauties from seed to over 5 inch tubers, all 3 of them decided to go belly up within a few weeks.

Looking at the price of some of the A Titanum tubers that went on ebay recently, I wont be able to replace them any time soon either! :(

Ho hum.



From: Leon Karahalis <pirgosleonidas at yahoo.com> on 2009.08.06 at 15:18:11(19648)

A couple of years ago I bought some amorph from Madagascar from a guy on Eb ay, "African Plants". It apparently had nematodes, because about 2 months after I planted it, they had gone out the bottom of the pot and into my 5 t itanums and eaten them completely.

If you have anything left at all of the affected/infected bulbs:

1. unearth them and clean them off thoroughly with a soft toothbrush and w hite vinegar.
2. Bring water, a pack of cigarettes (or butts) without filters and white vinegar to 140 degrees fahrenheit, NO HOTTER and not much cooler. Put them in this water. After the water cools, scrub them again with the soft toot hbrush.
3. While wet, coat them liberally with cinammon powder.
4. Throw out all of the old potting medium and sterilize the pots.
5. Replant, making sure that they get the appropriate amount of water -- n ot dry, but never "wet feet".

I got many of my amorphs back that way. Notice that this method is 100% or ganic. The vinegar, nicotine and heat kills them and the cinnamon gives th em a protective barrier.

Good luck!


From: cyndikrall at aol.com on 2009.08.06 at 15:56:58(19649)
I have been quietly mourning the loss of my A. titanums this year too. Some did not make it thru the winter, and some I lost by watering too early this spring. They were coming up nicely, so I watered them. BIG mistake! I doubt I'll ever have the funds to replace them. C'est le vie!




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