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  Expert help needed on a soil fungus attacking amorphs
From: Ty York <exoticplant07 at yahoo.com> on 2009.09.06 at 02:25:36(19943)

I have some sort of white looking fungus ? in my soil attacking one of my konjacs. The leaf drooped over and I inspected and it was rotting off at the soil level. I dug up the bulb and it was fine, but the white looking fungus was on the babies and they were rotting off. I also has this attack a toad lily plant in another location and the plant died right away. Does anyone know how to stop this and what to use. I attached some pics of the konjac baby that was infected with the white stuff. I have never seen this before, but I don't want it to spread. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ty



From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2009.09.06 at 17:12:00(19946)
Ty, try getting some cinnamon from the kitchen and sprinkling it over the entirearea. Cinnamon is a very good fungicide and does not damage to theplant. Christopher Rogers knows a great deal about this so he can bemore specific.




From: "Christopher Rogers" <crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2009.09.08 at 14:42:42(19969)
Hiyer, Ty!

I would douse the soil and tubers (not the leaves) with hydrogen peroxide.
Let the tubers dry, exposed to the air for a day or so, preferably where
they are getting some radiant heat, like from a bright light or the sun, and
then dust well with cinnamon.

The hydrogen peroxide will begin breaking down (when in contact with the
fungus and soil) into water and oxygen, but should hammer the fungus at the
same time. I would also let the soil dry out completely afterwards.

I am sure others will have some good tricks for you as well.

Good luck,




From: Raj Shekhar Misra <rajshekharmisra at yahoo.com> on 2009.09.09 at 04:22:45(19978)

Can you tell me whether small, brownish, mustard like round and hard structures are also formed in between white fungal mycelia. If yes, the fungus is Sclerotium rolfsii. In any case, kindly drench the healthy plants with 0.1% solution of carbendazim.


Dr.Raj Shekhar Misra



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