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  A Test, and Synandrospadix
From: santoury at aol.com on 2010.08.19 at 19:05:37(21286)
Hi guys, this is my first post, so hopefully it gets out there okay! Would some of you kindly respond, so that I can get the feel of things, and make sure I'm doing this right. And for the sake of avoiding this being "un-related" I have come across some large, mature Synandrospadix vermitoxicus. I have the opportunity to purchase them. If any of you are interested, let me know, and I can determine how many to pick up. Most of them have a flower now, so they are obviously mature. There is no set price yet, as the plants are already pretty costly, so I wanted to put this out there to see who might be interested. Ballpark range will be $40 to $60 probably. If this is high, let me know.
Thanks all, and look forward to meeting you guys.

Currently I grow mostly amorphs, and a couple odds and ends, such as Anthuriums, and Philos.

The Synandrospadix is something I haven't grown before.

Feel free to email direct at santoury@aol.com. Thanks!

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From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.08.20 at 00:27:58(21287)
Glad to see your post and it looks like you did it perfectly. Where
are you posting from?




From: santoury at aol.com on 2010.08.21 at 14:33:56(21297)

Thanks for the great intro - I learned a lot! You're right, I appreciate the value of getting to know one another, instead of my emails just shooting out to unknown numbers of strangers who I won't even hear from. Go Community Go! :)

Your pictures are amazing, Steve! Where do you sleep? Ha ha!

I know that it is necessary for me to join the society, however the membership being "for the calendar year" dictates that I should wait until January to join. It'll be a long 3 months! :)

So, Steve - pleasure meeting you! I'm in Northern Mass, so a drive to Arkansas isn't in the works, but send more photos!

Folks, my name is Jude Platteborze. I'm 33, single, and am certifably a plant nut. I grew up with all kinds of animals, and plants. I spent many years studying fish behavior (Cichlids mostly.) But the plants gradually took over, and took first place in my heart as my foremost passion. I left college after a large protest occurred, and made me realize that I really wasn't in charge of my own life, and decided to "jump." I rented a small storefront in Gloucester, right before the recession hit. That happened, then I left my storefront, and rebuilt my old garage into a plant house, and am selling mostly on Ebay, and do a lot of trading as well.

Please feel free to read my story by searching Google for The Silent Seed.

My inventory of plants is some 22 pages long. I'm relatively new to aroids, but I grow mostly the rare and unusual, from all over the world. My aroids include some amorphs, a couple of philos, and monsteras. That's about it - I'm actively looking to grow my collection, literally! Other than the aroids, I enjoy caudiciforms, succulent bulbs, and anything weird!

Outside of the plants, I enjoy reading, movies, driving, fishing, and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream! :)

Here are a couple of plants that I wouldn't mind finding!

Christia (Not an Amorph, obviously)

Any Aroids!



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