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From: michael kolaczewski <mjkolaffhbc at sbcglobal.net> on 2010.08.24 at 04:32:06(21313)
Thank You LariAnn !

I often come across some of these Aroids,

and I admit that I am often stymied.

This plant has done well since it broke dormancy

in mid spring. I am going to move it indoors soon,

hopefully it will continue to grow on inside the house.

Thank you again for your help.





From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2010.11.30 at 02:46:51(21669)

Dear Friends,

I cannot identify this Anthurium, may anyone help.




From: Brian Williams <pugturd at windstream.net> on 2010.11.30 at 08:02:21(21670)
Marek this is a hybrid of Anthurium watermaliense x a birdsnest species.
This odd cross has been done several times and I believe it sets seeds.
I have seeds off of a few hybrids like this. Some may look more
birdsnest and others more watermaliense.
From: Johannes Moonen <emeraldjunglevillage at wanadoo.fr> on 2010.11.30 at 10:17:13(21671)
Dear Marek & Friends,

I have seen this plant in Florida years ago and if I remember well it was a hybrid.

See IF you can get seeds on the inflorescens.

Nice looking plant ! Best wishes, Joep



From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2010.11.30 at 13:58:00(21673)
This is Anthurium sect. Pachyneurium in
which there appear to be many hybrids owing to their great success in
cultivation and their readiness to cross-pollinate. I revised this group and
my revision is, I believe, on the IAS website. I suggest that you try to key it
out there or simply look at the photos.

Tom Croat



From: "Denis" <denis at skg.com> on 2010.11.30 at 14:44:13(21674)
Maybe I am wrong, but I have seen this expression of characteristics before many times. The folded top lobes of the leaf, the habit of the plant not quite upright not quite birdnest, the dark colors on the spadix and spathe. This does not appear to be an Anthurium species but rather a hybrid of Anthurium watermaliense and a bird’s nest type of the Pachyneurium group. I am not sure what group that A. watermaliense is supposed to be in but it has always hybridized with many other Anthurium groups from that Central American and Mexican Area. Hybrids of watermaliense include the massive Anthurium x Big Splash [watermaliense x spectabile] or A. watermaliense x podophyllum and watermaliense x clarinervium as well as A. watermaliense x birdsnest form of the Pachyneurium group.

Sorry, but you will probably not be able to actually name this particular hybrid as it probably is a little bastard born without knowing the other random parent in its background.

That is all.




From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2010.12.03 at 16:10:36(21676)
Dear Denis and the group:

Anthurium watermaliense is a
Pachyneurium. It is just not your standard bird’s nest type.




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