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  Aroideana mailing soon
From: Albert Huntington <balberth at yahoo.com> on 2011.07.18 at 21:09:29(22146)
Folks ( especially IAS members ),

Just wanted to let you know that we're finalizing the mailing list for the 2011 edition of Aroideana this week. We'll be trimming the ranks of expired memberships before it goes in the mail in August.

To be sure you actually *receive* this awesome journal ( with articles on the rediscovery of Homalomena wallachii after nearly two centuries, many new species of Anthurium, Aroid pollination and ecology, PLUS a dozen on Aroid horticulture, breeding, and growing ), please visit http://www.aroid.org/access and check that your membership is good through 2011. Your expiry date is also at the bottom of your latest newsletter e-mail.

If you have questions, please contact me privately. Our member list can get behind, especially for
mailed renewals, so PLEASE check and let me know if you see a discrepancy. It is likely our fault, but we can't correct what we don't know about.

--Albert Huntington, IAS



From: "E.Vincent Morano" <ironious2 at yahoo.com> on 2011.07.19 at 00:33:50(22148)
I just registered about 3-4 days ago and it was for a year but my profile say that mu subscription is only good till the end of December, 7 months short. Is there a fix or an explanation for this?

Also do you know whats going on with aroid-l? Ive sent several messages in June and just now we see only three new messages with none of mine posting. Thank you :-)

From: Albert Huntington



From: Albert Huntington <balberth at yahoo.com> on 2011.07.19 at 07:47:24(22151)
Hi Vincent,

I'm afraid I don't know much about what may be happening with Aroid-L, that's more Steve Marak's territory, since he runs this list. Hopefully he can chime in.

I can, however, attempt to explain the deal with subscription periods. First of all, I apologize for the confusion.

Back before we were on the internet, when I was like ten years old, IAS subscriptions were for the calendar year ( ie: the year 2011, or the year 1985 ). If you applied in the middle of the year, we shipped you all the newsletters you'd missed for the year, and everybody's subscription expired together at the end of December. Lots of plant clubs worked
the same way, and it was familiar to people at the time. It made accounting easy, and made sure that everybody got the same number of issues of Aroideana and the newsletters, no matter whether they had subscribed at a slightly more or less advantageous time.

We never changed that system.

What it means practically now is that when you join, you get access to all back issues of the newsletter in the archive, you get access to the website and newsletters for *at least a year*, and you get *one* year of Aroideana, which is currently a single issue. Though your membership technically expires along with everyone else's at the end of December, and we'd really appreciate if people would renew near the beginning of the year, we don't kick anybody off the servers or the distribution lists until it's time to mail out Aroideana again for
the year. If you apply after we mail Aroideana, we ask you to specify which year you're applying for, and either send you the current issue or wait until next year.

I know this is not how a lot of things work, and it looks rather odd if you apply late in the year, but please rest assured that you'll get your years worth of benefits whether or not your membership is technically expired. And if you renew, it's not an issue - it would only effect those who are not interested in ongoing membership, if there were really any effect at all.

Hope this clears things us. We occasionally look into what it would take to go to a system based on when people sign up, but there are still some thorny issues with getting people the right number of publications if they sign up at a boundary, and it is really not a practical issue for anyone
since we do not actually expire people all that quickly.




From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2011.07.20 at 04:01:03(22155)
Hi Vincent,

I don't know either - when I saw your note, I started looking around, but
don't have any answers yet. I was wondering why there was no activity on
the list, too, and was about to send a test note just to see if I was
receiving notifications properly when a real post arrived.

But since the server on which Aroid-L runs took a couple of hard power
drops before being moved to a new circuit (turns out it was sharing with
the A/C system, not a good plan in a record-heat summer), there were
opportunities both for things to be lost and for problems that we didn't
realize were happening to be corrected by a reboot. I depend on the
listserver notifying me when a post arrives, and I have seen an error
before where that didn't happen. But that was always a pretty rare
scenario and I haven't seen it since the last software upgrade.

If you know about when you sent your posts, let me know privately and
if the MTA logs are still around I'll take a look.


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