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  Aroids on my Mind
From: Jason Hernandez <jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com> on 2013.06.12 at 14:28:15(22807)
Thank you, Conrad. Incidentally, how are those Aroids I brought you from Ecuador doing?

Actually, I think the Anthurium I have been seeing is the A. crenatum you mentioned -- I am in the lowlands, and in these relict trees standing in pastures, I would expect only the hardiest epiphytes -- the same trees also have a purple-flowered Tillandsia (Bromeliad), several orchids (including a white Oncidium and Encyclia cochleata), a mistletoe-looking plant that I think is actually the cactus Rhipsalis, and of course ferns (including the ubiquitous Polypodium).

I am seeing the Dieffenbachia seguine, mostly in ravines. I didn't know the species, because it is the wild-type, plain green leaves, and I associate seguine with the variegated cultivated
forms. Also in the ravines is a big Xanthosoma, though it is less abundant than the introduced Alocasia.

When I get better established and start growing, I also intend to put in an edible variety of Colocasia -- one of my favorite edible tubers/chubas.

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From: Conrad Fleming <conradfleming at yahoo.com> on 2013.06.14 at 14:31:30(22808)
Dear Jason,

Nice to hear back from you.

Since my Yahoo account was badly hacked last year, I've opened a new account, which is better: conraddfleming@gmail.com If you wish, you can contact me direcrtly on that.

Three of the four Ecuador plants are doing well. Only the "birdnest" Anthurium failed to make, which is unusual, since they are so tough.

We'll be in touch.

All the best,




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