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  Re: [aroid-l] self pollination of aroids
From: Marc Gibernau gibernau at cict.fr> on 2003.05.19 at 13:49:29(10270)
Dear Julius, and Friends,

I have many comments on your last message.

You are right Julius, there are two phenomena :
self-pollination, that is the fertilization of ovules by its own pollen
that will consequently lead to the formation of seeds.
Apomixis that will lead to the formation of (viable) seeds without any
fertilization (e.g. no pollen needed) by ?parthenogenesis/parthenocarpy? of
some cells (you have about 10 kinds of apomixis according to the kind of
cells implied: egg-cell, endosperm,?).

In the first case, two genetic informations are mixed whereas in the second
just one genetic information is duplicate.

As you mention for Urospatha and Xanthosoma acutum, may not present
self-pollination as you observe that protogyny is complete (no overlap).
Then apomixis is certainly present in these taxa. The best way to test it
(without counting chromosomes) is to castrate (part of) inflorescences to
see if just female flowers can produce seeds. In my recent study of
Montrichardia (for those interested see attached file), I observe that
bagged inflorescences produced seeds, but I was not able to distinguish
between self-pollination and apomixis. Such answer needs a specific

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