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  RE: [Aroid-l] Invasive plants
From: "danny wilson" <mudwasp_ at hotmail.com> on 2004.08.29 at 04:16:39(12079)
when ever i grow something that is particularly invasive, monstly tuberous aroids, especially arisaema triphyllum and amorphophallus konjac, i make sure to grow them in pots and not let them go to seed. if i do want to put them in the ground, i just bury them in the pot. i have had first hand experience with extremely invasive plants. the most nasty in my town, samta cruz california, is Arum italicum. it crossed my entire neighborhood from what i can tell to be the location where a few plants were put many, many years ago. it even grows in 3 feet of large chunky granite we use for drainage in my back yard. you cna find A. italicum literally everywhere in santa cruz, including cracks in teh street. another monster around here is Arum palaestinum, believe it or not. i was actually able to locate the original palce these plants were introduced. several plants at that location had flowers nearing 2 feet long and 1 foot acros
s. if anyone wants any A. palaestinum, let me know, i will be happy to get a few out of here. all 3 documented forms grow here. the one that smells like over-ripe fruit, the one that smells exactly like dog poo, and hte one that smells like nothing. the big bad one around here particularly is dracunculus vulgaris. these plants are so insanely invasive that one year after planting 20 large flowering sized tubers bigger than a baseball each, which i got for free from a nice couple down the street from me, this year i dug them up and now have close to 100 babies and larger tubers. i even have 8 or 12 of the marbled forms as well as 3 or 4 variegated plants. keep these plants in pots, for the love of all taht is good.i do indeed know the dangers of releasing invasive plants in an alien environment
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