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  Re: [Aroid-l] Pictures on Aroid-L (was "smallest Aroid")
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2004.11.27 at 23:42:05(12434)

This is another of those things we really should put in an "Aroid-L FAQ",
and obviously I haven't ever done that.

Historically, there are several reasons we've never wanted to allow
attachments such as pictures; that policy can change, depending on the
desires of you the list members, since Aroid-L exists for aroiders. The 2

1) They require lots more bits than text. Most of the people in the world
don't even have high-speed dialup Internet, much less broadband, and
there are still people who have to pay based on the number of bits they
send/receive. (And whatever limit you set on file size and however
often you remind people, there will be numerous violations and

2) The many forms of "objectionable content", including but not limited to
viruses and worms, ads for all sorts of things, and images than range
from completely innocent to "would make a porn star blush".

As an alternative, there's an "ID center" linked from the IAS web site
(www.aroid.org) where pictures can be posted. The idea was that people who
wanted to see them could easily do so, while others did not have to
download them.

But the issue can be revisited at any time ... I don't appear to have a
way to limit attachments by size, nor am I willing to invest the extra
personal time to look at every attachment before it goes out. I can limit
by type, so that only things which CLAIM (note the emphasis) to be a JPEG
image should go through. (As usual, it's nowhere near that simple in

Feel free to e-mail me directly with your thoughts on the matter, or, of
course, it's a valid topic for discussion on the list (I hope it won't
completely swamp all other topics though).


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