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  [Aroid-l] Re: Philodendron List
From: Baumfarn Webmaster webmaster at baumfarn.at> on 2005.02.15 at 23:51:24(12696)
Hi Joe,
'irrefuteable' sorry I can't find the word in any dictionary.
Neverthless ... The point is: our energy in preserve natural habitats
should be much more valued. Encapsulate more or less single organism
and protecting just these, will not (in most cases) protect the
symbiosis between the organism and it sounds to me like to dispense
justice (couldn't find a better word) on nature, which is valueable or
interesting enough to let it survive or not. I don't think that realy
"individuals can help preserve the species" without a lot of
organization and planning. I think http://www.wollemipine.com/ try a
better way than many others, developing over years and than try to
widespread this tree to protect it. Wished on "Fitzroya cupressoides"
they could do the same. But I have the impression that this management
is far more we collectors can do. If there will be an aroid which is
fertilzed just by one bug, can we also protect this bug to? Do we realy
want to do it? If this bug need a special plant or animal to to put his
eggs in, we have to protect this to. Can you see my point? In this way
we protect one plant more or less, but it's then depentend of us.
Which seems to me much more worse than to be depentend from a bug.
(Sorry, please take it not personally!!)
"Growing from seeds is exciting and rewarding." Yes, I can 100 percent
agree with you. But what I'm missing is any source for plant-lovers on
their natural fertilization and how to manage this in its most natural
way. This sources (if they exists) are most times only available for
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