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  Re: [Aroid-l] Arum - minimum temperatures
From: Arno Clement al.clement at planet.nl> on 2005.10.10 at 20:53:43(13426)

I live in the Netherlands (zone
8) and have the following experience with these Aroids.

The leaf of Sauromatum venosum (Typhonium
venosum) won't survive any frost with even
one degree of frost they will die down. But this one is summer growing and there
is no problem with winter. You can leave the tubers in the ground and they and
so long they are deep enough they will survive in the garden.

The other Aroids are winter growing and the leaves
of some of the species can have more frost than others.

Last year my Dracunculus vulgaris were outside
with -6 ?C, the leaves did
collapse and looked like boiled spinach and died. But the central growing
point in the pseudostem did survive, it did not freeze enough to kill
it, after the frost the plants develop new leaves. But I don't think
that Dracunculus plants will survive a frost of -10?C, than even the
central growing point will freeze.

The leaves of Arisarum vulgare can only handle
about -3?C, when it freezes more they will
die down.

When the leaves of Arum italicum, A. pictum and A.
dioscoridis freezes they will collapse and they look like boiled
spinach but when the frost is over they will completely recover. My plants have
survived a frost of -10?C and I think that
they can handle more than that.

The Arum hygrophyllum plant will also
collapse with frost, they plant will survive a frost of -5?C and meaby more. But when the frost is over the
plant will stay down, the leaves will turn to the light but it is not a nice
plant any more.

Most of the tubers will not survive any frost, even
-1?C will kill them, but when you plant them
deep enough they will not freeze.

I hope that this will help.

With best wishes,
Arno Clement

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