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  Re: [Aroid-l] Let's talk commercial mixes, eh?
From: plantguy at zoominternet.net> on 2005.12.24 at 17:42:06(13645)
Well, I'm not an expert by any means, but I think
that you want the perlite to hold the water, much like you want rockwool or
expanded clay (both routinely used for hydroponics) to hold water. By
keeping the water in the porous interior and then releasing the water as the
surrounding areas dries you keep the roots evenly moist but never wet because
the water is not in contact with the roots. Putting some mix in a pot
without a plant is not a good way to test your mix since you have removed
the largest instrument of water removal (transpiration). Also, if you did
not have holes in the pot to allow gravity to remove water then you can
expect the water to stick around for a much longer period of time. People
have been using expanded clay for bonsai for hundreds of years (likely well
before the first Amorph was described) where drainage and the perfect balance of
water holding capacity is a must for your 1,000 year old Juniperus. Having
said that I think I change mine a bit every year to see if I can
improve what I am doing!! This past summer was a farce because
I had 50+ Amorphs decide to break dormancy in late August despite us
having record heat and humidity this past summer......I did my best to get
rid of most of these since anyone that is going to behave that way is not a
friend of mine!! I must say that for all the posts on this thread
there have only been a couple of posts actually detailing what they use. I
personally would love to hear what everyone else uses in their mix just because
it adds info to the "literature" so to speak. There is no such thing as
too much info so please lets here from the rest of the major growers out there
and of course indicate whether you are using a greenhouse and your climate zone
and city (west coast zone 6 is not a comparison at all to my zone 6 of

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