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  RE: [Aroid-l] Wild Titan's ?/YES
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2006.08.23 at 22:57:41(14554)
Reply-To : Discussion of aroids
Sent : Tuesday, August 22, 2006 9:22 PM
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Subject : [Aroid-l] Wild Titan's ?

Dear Skip and all other Amorphophallus "freaks" out there,

I am not able to resist once more stepping up to the plate as a bit of a
'shill' on behalf of the IAS!
Thanks for your question, Skip, it was well worth pondering! Yes, actually
in the past quite a bit of information on this particular species has been
published in several great articles in our yearly Journal the "Aroideana"
mag. In past issues there have been WONDERFUL articles and discussions with
photos of wild blooming A. titanums AND other giant species of
Amorphophallus', together with discussions and photos on the
probable/possible pollinators. The famous 'stench' produced at anthesis in
the jungle makes certain that the pollinators are attracted from both near
and far, and since these plants do not seem to be unusually uncommon in
nature, pollination and fruiting did not seem uncommon. In fact there were
photos of a huge infructesence in the wild! The distributors of ripe fruit
and seed were reported to be giant horn-bill birds, they swallow the fruit
whole, and re-gurgitate the seeds in perfect condition at quite a distance
from the 'mother' plant. These articles are authored by such greats as our
own 'King Phallus' AKA my friend Wilbert Hetterschied, the late Dr. Jim
Symon, another by an Italian Lady-Doctor, etc. etc. Back-issues of these
publications are still available at nominal cost from the IAS.
Dr. Attenborough was with Jim Simon and Wilbert on the quest for blooming
Amorphophallus' in the wilds, and great images appear on the made-for-TV
special named (I think!) "The wonderful life of plants'' or some-such, still
available in video and book-form, well worth the price, so check it out. In
her WONDERFUL book on Aroids, our own Deni Bown also tracks the elusive
blooms of A. titanum, and provides great photos and info. on this icon of
our world of aroids.
So---come on folks, join us as members of the IAS, and so support our
ongoing research and interest into this wonderful world of plants, and so
get your yearly 'doses' of Aroideanas and our monthly newsletters! Please
consider joining us in Sept. in Miami, come meet some of the characters who
make up the IAS and see live specimens of these giants and others, the
growing legacy of the fantasticly tallented grower Craig Alan, the plants
from seeds ex: the great Dr. Jim Simon, get to (maybe!) even touch a petiole
the size of your thigh, and so experience that the name 'Amorphophallus'
probably did NOT only originate from the spadix`s shape or lack thereof,
etc.!!! Step right up, folks, right this way----!!!

Good Growing,

Julius Boos

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