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  [Aroid-l] Anubias and Root Rot
From: ted.held at us.henkel.com on 2006.12.27 at 13:30:16(15025)

Sorry for this delayed response. I am
only on line here today due to time off from work (I am too much of a primitive
to have e-mail from home).

The Anubias I know are fully aquatic
tolerant as far as roots go. They form a sort of creeping rhizome with
tough, leathery roots that attach quite firmly to substrate and objects.
Both the roots and rhizomes are perfectly happy submerged all the time.
They will grow and thrive when covered with typical aquarium gravel or
adapt to simply being submerged in the water without any substrate at all.

I have not experimented with them with
regard to leaf exposure to atmosphere except in those cases when the leaves
emerge naturally above the water line. Perhaps they have leaf cuticles
that can permit life in plain atmosphere as well as cuticles for submerged
living, that don't need to resist evaporation as much. I can well imagine
that leaves grown under water would shrivel if forced to live emergent.
But I can also believe that newly formed leaves in the same situation would
live in atmosphere without shrivelling. Of course, I'm sure they would
not adapt to live in actually arid conditions since emergent life for them
would still be pretty nearly 100% relative humidity in their native habitat.

The flowers always attempt to become
emergent in my experience. The inflorescence stalk will elongate as needed.
Flowering is similar to Spaths when conditions are to their liking. That
is to say, they flower pretty freely.

I hope you are successful.


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