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  Re: [Aroid-l] Philodendron Help
From: "Steve Lucas Exotic Rainforest" <steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2007.01.05 at 23:30:02(15043)
There is obviously more than a bit of disagreement on what
"species" the plant known as the Silver Queen actually is. One well known
collector has brought this discrepancy to my attention once before and I began
at that time to try to find out which plant is which. I have found the
identical photo of the "Silver Queen" plant identified as both Monstera
dubia and Monstera siltepecana on different websites. The
photo of M. dubia on the IAS website appears to be at least
similar. My website is at least one of the sites that currently has the
"Silver Queen" noted as the juvenile form of M. dubia. I received
my identification from a well known collector. However, I have clearly
noted on that page as well as M. siltepecana, both are under some
scrutiny and review. I asked Dr. Croat some weeks ago for a clarification
but as yet have not received a positive response. I have seen the
plant "Silver Queen" offered for sale on eBay as M. dubia and
"Philodendron dubia" as well. Not being a botanist I attempt only to
report what I can verify to the best of my ability. The plant I have on my
site as M. siltepecana was identified for me about 10 months ago by an
associate at the Huntington. Unfortunately, I did not save the email
response so I can no longer verify who made that identification. I would,
as much as anyone, love to have an absolute identification on these
plants. I have it noted in several locations on the site I invite those
who are qualified to bring inaccurate identifications to my attention. My
personal goal is to be as accurate as possible since I am an admitted student of
botany. Unfortunately, as we all regularly experience, there are a lot of
opinions out there about the correct names for a variety of plants.

If anyone is absolutely positive about the correct ID I'd love
to hear the correct names.

Steve Lucas

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