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  Re: [Aroid-l] Philodendron Help
From: "Steve Lucas Exotic Rainforest" <steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2007.01.06 at 17:48:33(15051)
Harry (and others who have sent email directly),

I received some nice photos from Brian Williams this morning
that appear to support the idea the 'Silver Queen' is the juvenile form of
M. dubia. Brian's photos show the plant progressing into the
adult stages. Since I can't get an absolute verification of that fact as
yet I'm hesitant to declare it so but more than one grower has indicated the
same idea to me. Of course, others differ strongly with that
opinion. The plant that was identified by the person at the Huntington as
M. siltepecana has begun to climb a nearby log and has only
recently begun to produce holes in the leaves. I don't consider it large
enough or the holes distinctive enough yet to photograph well but the leaves are
over 20cm at this point. I've had it in the ground for about 18 months and
have tried not to disturb it so the plant can develop as much as possible in my
artificial "rainforest".

Although I grow some plants in pots, I grow as many as
possible planted in the soil or attached to artificial logs. The soil in
our atrium was prepared to simulate rainforest conditions. I maintain
a steady temperature and extremely high humidity all the times. As a
result, many of my specimens have grown unusually large in a relatively
short period of time. As I've reported before, the A. regale has
a leave well over 70cm and is currently in bloom. I've only had the plant
15 months and it had no leaves when it arrived. Knowledgeable growers who
visit often comment they have not seen plants growing as large. I was
fortunate enough to have spent a fair amount of time in rainforests around the
world and set out to duplicate those conditions as closely as possible when I
built the atrium nearly 5 years ago.

Several others have indicated they believe I have my
identifications backwards on the M. dubia and M.
siltepecana plants and that is certainly possible. I just
attempt to post what I can verify from sources with more knowledge and
experience than I. I invite anyone to comment on anything I have posted on
the site and make suggestions or corrections. My only goal is to try to
get the information as accurate as possible. One thing I find most
enjoyable is when other knowledgeable growers volunteer good information attempt
to help each other with good information. So keep it

Steve Lucas

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