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  [Aroid-l] Names for different forms?
From: Brian Williams <pugturd at alltel.net> on 2007.03.13 at 03:20:11(15405)
I have recently been trying to up grade my data base of names as well as
redo all my tags and make sure everything has as much data and
information as possible. I have a few questions on forms. I know many
plants have several forms of the same species. I would like to know if
their are names for these forms or even if the science community really
makes note of it? If not would putting a added portion to the name to
help ID different forms be possible? If so who should come up with these
name? Here are a few for instance off hand that I really think should
have some more information. Their seems to be two very different forms
of Veitchii one with wider leaves and much larger ripples. Then another
form with thinner leaves and a much more rippled effect. I know that
naming all slight different forms would not be worth while but for some
very noticeable differences it could help people know exactly what they
are getting and their seems to be a major price difference in one form
compared to the other. Another one that comes to mind is the two forms
of Anthurium warocqueanum one that can get 3 to 4 feet long and the
smaller slender form with hardly any back lobes. They are very
noticeably different yet go by the exact same name. If one was to order
the plant under these name they could end up with either form though one
form of each is usually much more sought after.

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