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  Re: [Aroid-l] OT: Fungi that eat ionizing radiation?
From: Susan B <honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2007.05.24 at 22:32:13(15709)
Now I'm WAY off topic...It was Arthur C. Clark who wrote a short story that included "animals" on Jupiter- described as looking like sheep feeding on the methane clouds.I thought it was a great story. Clark must have liked it too, because he used the entire section in one of his 200x A space oddessy novels. I thought he had plagarized it until I found it was his own work...And while I'm on cool book topics, somewhere I read a story of nuclear war aftermath, it too was really good, the wealthiest family in town had food stores hidden in the basement. Unfortunately they all died because the metal in the cans (and in the jewelry the daughter sold food for) absorbed radiation... this may or may not be true, it was a good book all the same. Wish I could remember the author or the name of it.Just so I mention
Aroids, I still have some bulbs in boxes in the basement since moving last Nov. Poor things seem perfectly happy to be blooming away down there, though!Susan it reminded me of Robert Heinlein stories of life on planets with frozen methane-ammonia atmospheres! Or maybe they were Isaac Asimov stories. ("Fantasy and Science Fiction" magazine, circa the mid fifties) I just saw an advertisement on telly (or perhaps was hallucinating) about underwear with silver wires in it to keep my head from exploding due to radiation from my cel phone. and I wondered, do I really need this stuff, if I wear silver bracelets? has anyone else heard of silver in the undies to ward off a radioactive head? I believe virtually NOTHING, by the way. Hermine Stover Secretary Responsible Dog Owners Of The Western States 23280 Stephanie Perris

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