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  [Aroid-l] black warocqueanum
From: john s smolowe <johnssmolowe at pacbell.net> on 2007.06.26 at 06:38:01(15865)
steve -i can speak a bit to david fell's ebay listings to which you refer. i do not know david (vriesea2003). i do not know anything about him. but i bought one of his regale x "black warocqueanum" hybrids a few weeks ago. i certainly don't know for sure what exactly i have, but it is a huge plant for an ebay seedling and in perfect shape with a pot chock full of great roots. the photo on the web is of the one he sold me, and the newest leaf to the top left is over 18" long. i paid $46 for it and am quite satisfied.http://cgi.ebay.com/Anthurium-regale-seedling-possible-hybrid-6-pot_W0QQitemZ220124238597QQihZ012QQcategoryZ25463QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItemi believe you have not read his listing carefully. first, he does not advertise it as anthurium regale, but rather as "anthurium regale seedling (possible hybrid)"second, he does not say that anthurium regale has leaves 6 ft long. he says, "Anthurium regale is a truly magnificent plant. It grows to 6 ft. or larger and has leaves almo
st a yard long." "leaves almost a yard long" seems well within your description - smaller than mardy's plant.regarding the "black warocqueanum," i think it's actually pretty straightforward of david to say, "While it is similar to A. warocqueanum there are many important differences, such as the leaf color which is much blacker than warocqueanum and it has silver veins as opposed to chartreuse veins of warocqueanum. The leaves are almost flat compared to the slight cupping of warocqueanum and the spadix is almost pure white. It also has a very small seed."he doesn't hype it as something it's not. he doesn't say "incredible" or "fantastic" or "last one you'll see for a long time." he just says it's similar to warocqueanum, with a few differences that he names. the reader is allowed to decide whether those differences are significant or just minor variations. how can you be more straightforward than that?i am not always satisfied with the plants i order from ebay or from any ma
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