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  [Aroid-l] 2nd Annual Aroid show?
From: crogers at ecoanalysts.com (D. Christopher Rogers) on 2007.10.09 at 16:50:59(16432)

I agree with Steve. When I put the question out on the list a few weeks back
I received eight or nine positive responses on list, and more than twenty
off list. Now, I am a member of many different international organizations.
I will not bore you with a list, but with the exception of IAS, they are all
invertebrate zoology or ecological societies. With the exception of IAS,
each year the annual conference is in a different locality. Some like the
North American Benthological Society, alternates sides of the continent for
each annual show. So, since 2003 the meetings have been in Vancouver (BC),
New Orleans (LA), Anchorage (AK), and Columbia (SC). Next year it will be in
Salt Lake City.

What if the IAS meeting moved around? Now, granted Anchorage, Alaska may not
be the best place for the IAS show (although I saw lots of Lysitchiton
americanum), but maybe MOBOT, or similar botanical conservatories would be
interested in hosting our group (it could bring in money and publicity for
them). In California, there are lots of options: Stribling Arboretum (San
Francisco), University of California Botanical Gardens at Berkeley or Davis,
Balboa Park (San Diego), Pasadena Arboretum, Huntington Library Gardens, San
Francisco Conservatory of Flowers . . .

I think that the best way to increase membership is to get our name out. By
moving the show around we can reach more people in more communities. There
will be new local vendors who may want to buy booth space.

Another idea would be to have a booth at shows for other plant groups. My
son is an orchid grower. It amazes me how many of the orchid growers here in
CA also have a few aroids in their greenhouses and/or gardens. Why not
designate a local liaison, rent a non-profit org booth at an orchid show,
and talk to the attendees about aroids? We also have carnivorous plant
societies, succulent societies and bromeliad societies here that are always
looking for speakers at their monthly meetings and shows. Other groups to
visit would include garden clubs and native plant societies.

Now, all this being said, I wish I was able to devote myself to doing this.
I am great with the ideas, but because I am already doing this same kind of
outreach for The Crustacean Society and the International Large Branchiopod
Society, I am sadly too swamped and too poor to do this across North
America, let alone anywhere else in the world for IAS. But, because I have
been doing this for other organizations, I can tell you that it does work! I
am happy to attempt to make inroads with some of my local organizations, and
if more of our members could do the same in their areas, we might be able to
increase our membership greatly.

My two cents worth,

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