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  [Aroid-l] C. 'Fontanesii' id - Pete's id
From: botanist at malesiana.com (Peter Boyce) on 2007.10.12 at 22:53:57(16473)

I am not saying it is 100%, all I can say is that types plants of heterochroma and bicolor that I have seen in China fall pretty incontrovertibly into fallax sens. lat. They are all notable for the pencil-diameter stolons that do not branch much, the thin-textured leaves that are often (but by not means always) dark-variegated and the rather dull yellow to prurpe-brwon-tinged inflorescences.

Into this stew you need to add C. affinis which in nature is readily identifiable by always grwoing on near-vertical mud waterfalls and river banks with flowing water and in nature and cultivation by the very slender (almost wire-thin) much branching stolons. Colocasia affinis is also USUALLY of much smaller stature than fallax sens lat. although big plants of afiinis can be larger and as robust as small-end fallax while large end fallax can be mistaken as rather weakend esculenta.

As to mlecular analyses of this group, as far as I am aware nothing is underway.

Very best


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