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  [Aroid-l] 2nd Annual Aroid show?
From: ecuador10 at comcast.net (Betsy Feuerstein) on 2007.10.13 at 17:50:44(16481)
Look people, this is a discussion, not an attempt to personally attack anyone or for that matter their ideas. Great ideas come out of discussion. It is not a personal thing. Good intent has its place. We may or may not agree, but it is with the issues, not the persons who express their opinions.... I hope.

Of course, we need younger participants for the insurance and assurance that IAS will go into the future. Unfortunately, we tend to pass away, us from the older realm, and for the organization to continue, it will take new folks and new ideas and most likely change. So for now, let's not put this into personal terms and just accept that while we may agree or disagree with what is being said, all is in the realm of personal opinion and ideas of what might be good for IAS. I do not think the folks in Miami are afraid that the show is about to be eliminated and I suspect on some level, they might like the burden taken away because it is so much work. That said, tongue in cheek, we truly do owe these people so much gratitude for their dedication and efforts for so many years. Without them, I highly doubt there would be an IAS now.

There were some younger folk with great enthusiasm who showed up at the show this year which for me seemed like a good sign. There are some younger people Enid and Sam included who have been around for a bit. There are some new comers from the Hawaii realm who have shown great enthusiasm for aroids and that is good. It does not appear that there are great reams of folk jumping onto the aroid bandwagon but in that, we are not alone. The Asian factor seems to be interested in birdsnest anthuriums at the moment and in time they will move onto other things.... or not. There are many in other countries who are very interested in aroids from amorphophallus to philodendrons, etc., but they tend to want information since they are generally unable to come to the shows. It is not a bleak picture just one to explore and find ways to pull more in and to encourage those who are lurking in the bushes.

I shall say again, recording the lecture at the annual banquet might be good way to start exploring other options. It would not be terribly costly and one where we might be able to find someone who has the equipment or access to such where the duplicates can be made at a reasonable cost to the society so a small profit might be made by the sales of the program.

Dates for other programs could be challenging. During school year times, some could not come. In the spring in the north would prohibit the bringing of plants to the show since spring is not normally when plants look their best at least for me. spring with its warmth can show up late way into late April or May. MoBot might frown upon plants being brought into their facilities due to infection and insects. Another words, many questions to be dealt with. I still say a committee to look into what is feasible and opportune would be a good starting point.

Be a tat practical and start looking into options........ you all have good ideas. Some seem to not have a practical grounding and some seem to be wonderful thoughts......... get the team into action that might produce some options that could be done in the short term with options for the future. Talk is great............. action is the first step to getting something accomplished. I might think it is an good time for the IAS Board to set up a committee of volunteers to explore the possibilities.

The question of the show in Miami seems to have come full circle to the understanding that no one is talking of eliminating it. From my perspective, that is very good. The discussion has brought out the dedication and efforts of the Miami folk for so many years and I think that is good since often we show up at a show, see people running around, the set up show and we go home without a thought to all of the work that it has taken to put the show together and consequently we forget to show our appreciation out of ignorance. WE DO OWE THE MIAMI FOLK SO VERY MUCH FOR THE EXISTENCE OF IAS AND ITS CONTINUANCE!

Respectfully submitted,

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