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  [Aroid-l] [SPAM] Re: Anthurium seeds
From: hermine at endangeredspecies.com (hermine) on 2007.10.19 at 16:13:18(16550)
>Well I knew this was gonna start as soon as people started seeing
>any plant selling for hundreds & hundreds of dollars a pop on
>ebay.. The New Fashion's Anthuriums ! We are gonna take a hit
>fast & hard soo look out all . We seen it coming.. To all who sell
>quality plants on Ebay be fair, be honest & be upfront but what goes
>up must come down , with the market rising soo fast it's gonna fall
>hard .soo plz prepare as best you can or you might find yourself
>going to heck in a hand basket .. Rare Anthurium seeds from
>Turkey ?? shipped for a dollar ?
> Michael Mahan

some fairly interesting Sansevieria, worth between oh, in the real
world, about $75-$125 sold for slightly over THREE AND A HALF
THOUSAND DOLLARS. I have a couple or three of them. from back when it
was a franklin. this is the sort of craziness which cannot have a
happy ending, it seems to me.

I never thought RARE PLANTS would find such a market of suckers
anywhere, and i started out as a rare plant finders service before I
even did mail order as such.

And the people to whom i complain say Let The Buyer Beware and have
seemingly no sympathy for the poor wealthy fools who fall for this.

What harsh and corrupt environment is the biz world.


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