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  [Aroid-l] Anthurium seeds
From: plantguy at zoominternet.net (Daniel Devor) on 2007.10.22 at 22:50:50(16581)
Hi Steve and others,

Unfortunately, you can not expect ebay to take any action. No one, and I mean no one has any proof of wrong-doing as of yet.....besides stealing pics and I hope that this has been dealt with by ebay.....there is no proof the seed are not genuine at all. There is only supposition and suspicion based on the fact that no one knows who this person is, and until you get them, germinate them, and grow them to maturity you have no proof of that. I can also say from personal experience that this summer I started selling seed of a rare plant......no one had a clue who I was as I had never even grown one of these before.....still no one doubted the fact that the seed were genuine and I dare say you can ask some of the membership here and they will agree that they were as advertised.....I can only hope that I was not initially vilified behind the scenes because people had no clue who I was and just popped on the scene offering more seed than had ever been available previously by anyone in the world!!

The fact that the seed will not germinate is also blanket covered by the basic addage that the seller can not be responsible for the incompetence of the buyer as far as germination. I can tell you that of the perhaps 4,000 seed that I sold this summer I heard from people getting 90% and above success rate and others with the same seed got 0%......what does that mean.....I do not know.....I did my best to replace the seed for those people that did not have success the first time around, but you can not expect that from every seller on or off ebay.

I have no idea about these seed and I doubt their validity as much as the next person, but we are all making accusations with zero evidence.

Sorry, but I just felt like that needed to be pointed out even though I agree with everything everyone has said. I just hope that 4 months ago they were not saying it about me :o)

Good growing all,


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